Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - A Movement Different From the Rest

written by: Mr. APA

Hi everybody, sorry it’s been a while.   This really isn’t an Asian American topic, I just felt like blogging.  Life has been good guys, been super busy in LA.  One day this blog/twitter will return in some form.  Thanks everybody who’ still reading.  I just felt like blogging tonight.  I honestly do miss you guys as readers and the small community that this was creating, I was simply too busy these days to work on this blog/twitter.

There’s a lot of talk about Occupy Wall Street and how it’s a useless and aimless movement.  The big question has been, “what do you guys really want?”  And that’s our problem, we’ve been looking at Occupy Wall Street like we have other movements – we compare it to what happened in Egypt – Iran – other countries where they were upset with who was in power and wanted that leader out.  It’s not that simple in America, can I challenge you that it’s probably harder to take down Wall Street and it’s fellow 1%ers who control (35% of this country’s wealth) than it is to take down Gadafi? Or Mubarak.  Why is that?  Because it hasn’t happened yet.

Occupy Wall Street isn’t a protest.  In its simplest form -- it is a movement born out of desperation -- not injustice.  I very sure that 90% of the OCCUPY Wall STREET protestors did not leave their job so they could already protest, my belief is that they were already probably unemployed.

The Occupy Wall Street protestors are desperate.  They’re living in a country that’s no longer taking care of them, that won’t give them healthcare, that has no jobs for them, and basically has nothing to offer.  So they have two options, stay at home or come together and do something.

And do something is what they’re doing.    They’re desperate.  Occupy Wall Street is a cry for help.  Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have demands because they don’t know what to ask for.  They don’t know how to make the economy more equal, they’re not economists, they don’t have charts and a solution to our problem.  But they do know one thing, this country’s wealth distribution is only getting more inequitable and 99% of this country will get poorer and poorer and lose more and more power.

Occupy Wall Street is simply saying one thing:  what’s going on right now, it can’t keep going, it has to stop.  Somebody, please do something because we don’t know how to stop it and we know it’s only getting worse.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Love, it'll Work Out in the Summertime - Magnetic North Hip-Hop

In the Fall of 2009 I had just graduated from college and was itching to start over and reinvent myself in a big city. Having been enamored with New York since a young age, I was looking for a job/housing there when a friend informed that one of her mutual friends based in Queens was looking for a roommate.

These were the pieces of information that she provided me:
1. His name is Derek, and he is hot.
2. We'd be a good match because we're both musicians.
3. His hip-hop group has previously collaborated with WongFu, so if Phil Wang ever dropped by the apartment, I am obligated to tell him that she is single and available, or else suffer a terrible death at her hands - probably by castration. Or a public revelation of my lacking techniques in bed, as reported by my girlfriend (this is not true).
4. Phil and Derek are freaking hot.

Unfortunately, the living situation didn't exactly work out (no job, no money, crazy father, etc.) But I did get to check out his group - Magnetic North.
Composing of emcees Derek Kan and Theresa Vu, Magnetic North originally hailed from Berkeley, California, but currently operate out of Astoria, Queens. They released their self-titled debut album in 2006 with the single "Drift Away" garnering massive buzz. Last summer, they dropped "Home:Word" - a collaborative album with Taiyo Na that received widespread acclaim from critics, even having a single reaching #2 on Japan iTunes.

It also made me buckle at the knees and called my parents while crying to explain that I never meant to spend so much time behind closed doors as a teen.

The lead single on the album - "Summertime", is to me a perfect representation of the whole record: optimism & hope infused with the sunshine and feel good grooves of my favorite season. T-Vu's mesmerizing and exact technique on the mic is especially showcased on many of the tracks, and Derek's arrangements and production consistently blew me away.

This album made me regret never living with Derek. Who knows? If I had lived with him, I maybe could've been part of the magic behind the making of this album that was the soundtrack of 2010, and certainly will be for 2011.

Standout Tracks:
"New Love"
"It'll Work Out"
and my favorite song on the album: "Home:Word", which I'll leave you with.

This album fills me with hope, and I hope it makes you smile like it does for me. Don't let your worries keep you from walking your path.

j. cheesy out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIM SUM Music Video!

written by: Mr. APA

I'm still working on the other article for over a month now but I just saw this and had to share it with you guys.  If there's ever been a YouTuber who's subscriber base doesn't equal what I feel is his real following, it's AndrewJFung.  His youtube page showcases a young and upcoming Asian Personality with everything from Jeremy Lin (Asian NBA rookie) to Rap videos about how awesome Asian Girls are.  He was actually recently featured in the young online magazine The Other Asians

Friday, April 1, 2011

We took a Vow to Never Sleep - Asian Americans in the indie music scene

Hey readers, I'm back after a long hiatus.

Moving to a new city is really stressful and extremely busy. I see that Lionel and APA went a little crazy in my absence. My apologies - usually I'm the level-headed guy that keeps the group together and out of trouble. I'm one that pulls Lionel out of strip clubs before he gets on the pole, I'm the one that consistently keeps APA from going back to the local high school at 2:30 pm (he tricked me twice by saying he was going to his grandmother's funeral. It did not work the third time), and I'm ALWAYS the one that has to bail ImSoChinese out after he gets arrested for soliciting INSIDE THE POLICE STATION.

You can understand why I needed to take a break. Either way, I'm back now to talk about Asian Americans in the music business. By now, everyone knows that multi-Grammy winning band Linkin Park has Mike Shinoda on the mic and Joe Hanh on the turntables, but here are a few lesser-known bands with Asian-American members that you really need to check out.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Desperate White Nerds Unite: The Story of CarlosDouh and TrueHeart101

 written by: Lionel
(editor's note: please remember this is a humor blog, some of our readers have been getting confused thinking this is a serious magazine and sending me very angry offended emails, if you get offended, please post this article on your facebook wall about how angry it makes you, we could use the hits)

I was surfing YouTube looking for some upcoming Asian Artists to promote on this blog when I found this abomination of a video instead.

If you are going to be racist, I guess "Slant Your Eyes" is better than "Shrink Your Dicks."
Allow me to introduce you to the two guys who are using a double-headed dildo at the :20 second mark.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

K-Town - ASIAN JERSEY SHORE to Premiere on the E! Network!!!!

Asian Jersey Shore
written by: Mr. APA

I was at the San Francisco Asian American film festival this past weekend and was meeting with a lot of cool people when somebody (i don't want to get him in trouble so he will remain as an unnamed source) let it slip that the Korea Town show is going to be on the E Network! (see, this is why I have to remain anonymous or people won't slip like this)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The MakeUp Gurus - More than Just "Pretty Asian Girls"


written by: Mr. APA 

So when I brought it up in our last meeting that I wanted to write about the make up gurus.  My editor was less than pleased.  Here's what happened.

Editor: "Wait wait wait wait, you want to write an article about the Make Up Gurus?  How can you! You're our best writer "  (He may or may not have said the last part)

Editor: Are you sure you're just not trying to get people to read your posts because you filled it with pictures of pretty Asian girls? 

And that's why I wrote this.  Last week, I was watching one of the Bravo dating shows and they had this grimey white dude telling the matchmaker (the matchmaker  girls for him) that he wants Asian Girls cuz they're pretty and know who's boss.  WHAT THE FUCK! Who SAYS DAT SHIT!