Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arden Cho is gorgeous

Arden Cho
I hope this is her bf because it means even I have a chance.

written by: Mr. APA

I'm not even going to be witty in this post. Look at Arden just looking at us as she vlogs, she's gotta be the most beautiful asian girl in the world. Why isn't she famous yet? Hmm, I dunno but as long as she's not famous, she still vlog like this so here's to her continued lack of success (not lack of success but lack of super stardom) so I can see her daily vlogs. Wow I'm selfish, but sheesh, that's who I am and Arden will have to like me for who I am. Wait, how did this become about me and Arden. Err, enough for now.  I think I'm crossing a line, two Arden posts in two days.  Ah well, I don't care, I'm in love!

And Just for fun, here are my favorite Arden pictures told as a story!
Arden Cho
This is what having dinner with her is like, mesmerizing, eh?

And this is how close we get after dinner. ;)

This is how she looks at me the next morning after we've TALKED (what else would we do?) all night!

Arden Cho
Then we spend the day picking out flowers together and TALKING more

Arden Cho
Then we get married because we have such good conversations!


KevJumba Amazing Race Review


written by: Mr. APA

KevJumbaFor those of you who don't know, KevJumba is on the freaking AMAZING RACE this season.  The first episode just showed and it's cool to see KevJumba with real people.

They don't show KevJumba enough on the show, my guess is that is because he's Asian and doesn't get too far on the race.  I'm also thinking, with all the running around, KevJumba is too busy trying to win and not be funny.

Hopefully he calms down and gets to make more jokes.  I want KevJumba to have a ton of face time.
Amazing Race Volleyball players
I hope KevJumba makes out with both of them.

Actually, this whole review is a lie, did you guys see those hot volleyballers?  DAAAMN.

If you didn't, here's a picture.

If I was Kev Jumba, I would be focusing on these two girls instead of the race because they are fiiiiinnneeeeeeeeeee.

I hope you enjoyed this review about how KevJumba should make out with white girls.

That is all.  Below is a link related to this article.  He reviews the first episode. haha.

Poor M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan

written by: Mr. APA

Poor M Night Shyamalan, he use to be so smart, like the dude made the Sixth Sense but things haven't fared so well.

I admit it, I was mos def one of the people who booed when they saw his name in the trailer for Devil.  It's just a big joke at how bad he is now.

M. Night Shyamalan
It's OK man, at least you got a hot wife.
Like seriously, I'm still pissed I spent 18 bucks to watch Avatar (The Air Bender, not the James Cameron one) only to be sorely disappointed.  Actually, take that back, the Air Bender sucked ass, it's like M Night wasn't even trying to write dialogue that wasn't just a description of what was going on in the scene.  Seriously M Night, wtf is wrong with you?  Have you lost it that much that you don't even pay attention to people telling you how bad your dialogue was in that film?  I think this College Humor video gets it perfectly, he's in denial at how bad he's become.  M Night, I don't think you're bad, you obviously know how to do mood very well and I actually enjoyed "The Happening" I really did and I thought Lady in the Water was good too, I followed you all the way down and still supported you but dude, you really messed up The Last Air Bender, like really bad.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  And dude, you might be saying, "can you do better" hell yea I can, let me write Air Bender 2.  I'm available.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ryan Higa aka NIGAHIGA is the KING of NEW MEDIA

Ryan Higa
written by: Mr. APA

Ryan Higa is the King of Youtube, thus making him the automatic king of all asians as well as the King of New Media.  That's right, Howard Stern maybe the King of Media but Ryan Higa is the King of new media.

Ryan Higa
This isn't helping his Disney chances either
How the hell is he so damn popular?  I remember first catching him during this "how to be" days (before Youtube took all those videos down) and man did he act stupid.  But you know what?  He didn't care and I said to myself (because I had no friends around me at the time)  This guy's gonna be huge!  And now he is. Well technically he's the same size he always was but now with over 2 million subscribers on youtube, he's huge in a technical online sense.  Anyways, my point here is, WHY THE HECK is he not on TV?  Like seriously?  If Ryan Higa was white (*cough* like Fred *cough*) NigaHiga would have his OWN SHOW on the disney channel by now.  Seriously, he would, but he's asian and I'm sure some stupid Disney executive is like, nope he's asian, who would want to watch him? So in his defense I've written a letter to the Disney Channel executive in his defense.  If any of you know a disney channel executive, please send this to them.

Dear Disney Channel executive, 
        Why are you so dumb?  Why have you given Fred his own TV show and not RYAN Higa?  This dude is much better looking than Fred and he doesn't have a huge whiny voice so Ryan will actually be able to be IN SCENES with other people.  SO yes, Disney executive, please stop being racist and give Ryan Higa his own show.  
                           You're friend,
                                 Asian American TV

Ryan Higa
See kids, work hard on youtube and one day you too can
take a picture with a big breasted white girl. 
(how do I know he'll be fine on disney channel?  because unlike the REST of AMERICA, kids aren't AS RACIST as their adult counterparts so if they see something funny, they will probably watch it and not change the channel just because there isn't a white kid on the screen...  (i'm looking at you old asian parents who change the channel when black people show up on the CW)   Also, I sat next to a 8 yr old on the plane once, and he loved NigaHiga.  That's all the market research I needed.

Alright not sure where this was going so I'll leave you with a link to the trailer of his new epic movie starring Ryan Higa AND Arden Cho (and of course directed by the very talented Wong Fu Productions)

Rep. Loretta Sanchez hates racists and Vietnamese

written by: Unfiltered

LA Times: "Rep. Loretta Sanchez's remarks about Vietnamese are 'divisive,' rival says"

"The Vietnamese and the Republicans are — with intensity — trying to take away this seat, this seat for which we have already done so much for our community. [Taking] this seat from us and [giving] it to this Van Tran, who's very anti-immigrant and very anti-Hispanic."

Damn, Representative Sanchez! Gotta watch you say about Asian people, we're moving on up in America! Even our rap groups get airtime on pop radio stations now!

Loretta Sanchez

Gushing about Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis
written by: Mr. APA

Hi all.
Can we just gush a little bit about Kina Grannis?

Kina Grannis
Wow, she's gorgeous, she can sing, she's gorgeous, umm what else do you picky guys need!  Go to her website and buy her CD now!

Buy her CD!

Alright, let's continue to gush.   Now, this picture looks very candid, I can only hope that I'll get a personal one like that from her.  Until then.. a short poem about Kina.

Oh oh Kina, (as in Kina Grannis)
you are so fina (you know like fine)
hopefully one daya (like day)
we can be togetherina (like u know together)

Kina Grannis
Not me and Kina but I wish it was

oh ok, fine poo, that wasn't a very good poem which is why i'm a blogger and not an awesome lyricist like Kina! See, aren't I smart, I used my bad poetry to my advantage.  Alright, well here's a picture of me and Kina when we dated.  ===>

Ok, fine, that's not a picture of me and Kina but we did date... yaa.. too bad my camera is busted and I can't show you so you'll have to trust me. I'm not sure who that dude is.  I'm going to beat him up though when I find out.

Alright, we'll I'll leave you with one her videos at the bottom as my personal blog exit music.  She may have written this song about me but most likely she didn't.

Grace Park on Hawaii Five - O - Asian American Review

Grace Park
written by: Mr. APA

Grace ParkSo the whole world has already reviewed this, I know we're a week late so I'll just review from an Asian American perspective.  It's great to see Grace Park punch a dude in the face.  Sadly (really?) they made the poor girl take her clothes of twice.  I get it, TV pilots need naked women but the intro scene wasn't enough for the writers, when she does the undercover sting operation, the gangsta dude asks her to remove her clothes to make sure she's not wearing a bug.  SURE DUDE!  Last time I tried that, I got punched in the face like the surfer dude pictured here.

Also, Jin from lost is in the show.  Daniel Dae Kim.  He's also cool and he speaks english.  It's the first time in a long time we've seen a guy speak english who was asian on tv.

Aight, here's a CBS interview of the Hawaii Five - O cast.

Arden Cho's last video log!

Arden Cho
written by: Mr. APA

Ah?  Can't it be? Up and coming Youtuber and actress Arden Cho is giving up videologging?  Did the internet scare another girl away?  Bad internet! BAD BAD VERY BAD!

oh wait, I just watched the video. you should too.  Watch below!

Congrats Far East Movement #1 on ITUNES!

Far East Movement
written by: Mr. APA

Congrats to Far East Movement, you're number one on Itunes!!

You're also number ten on the Billboard Hot 100.  You guys are killing it!

Check out their video below!