Thursday, September 30, 2010

Arden Cho is gorgeous

Arden Cho
I hope this is her bf because it means even I have a chance.

written by: Mr. APA

I'm not even going to be witty in this post. Look at Arden just looking at us as she vlogs, she's gotta be the most beautiful asian girl in the world. Why isn't she famous yet? Hmm, I dunno but as long as she's not famous, she still vlog like this so here's to her continued lack of success (not lack of success but lack of super stardom) so I can see her daily vlogs. Wow I'm selfish, but sheesh, that's who I am and Arden will have to like me for who I am. Wait, how did this become about me and Arden. Err, enough for now.  I think I'm crossing a line, two Arden posts in two days.  Ah well, I don't care, I'm in love!

And Just for fun, here are my favorite Arden pictures told as a story!
Arden Cho
This is what having dinner with her is like, mesmerizing, eh?

And this is how close we get after dinner. ;)

This is how she looks at me the next morning after we've TALKED (what else would we do?) all night!

Arden Cho
Then we spend the day picking out flowers together and TALKING more

Arden Cho
Then we get married because we have such good conversations!



  1. Maybe she's needs more expeirence? Actoresses are NOT just good looks. YOU NEED to favor what the producers are looking for. To me ARDEN CHO is not as experienced as say Zhang ziyi, Jet li, Gong li., just to name a few.

  2. I may not be Korean, or Asian but, since i was raised in Ktown and most of my circle is Asian Americans. I feel that she still has not stood out of a comfort zone, both music and acting wise. Most Asians who are famous actually have, and break racial barriers. She in her music video has a Caucasian as a her main love interest. See, a stereotype which does not really appeal a mass, but a minority. It would be nice to see role models to be like her to try to step out. As she has fans of diverse ethnic background not just Asians, but Hispanics like myself, some African Americans, and other races. Why can she not try to sing along or about politics? Social issues? Instead of the DAVID CHOI style romantic/heart broken style? Maybe with Zack de La Rocha from Rage Against the Machine? Make a difference? Stand out and show the poor and less attractive people that looks are not needed? That this world has more to offer? Just my opinion. Sorry my phone is being weird if i made weird typos.