Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grace Park on Hawaii Five - O - Asian American Review

Grace Park
written by: Mr. APA

Grace ParkSo the whole world has already reviewed this, I know we're a week late so I'll just review from an Asian American perspective.  It's great to see Grace Park punch a dude in the face.  Sadly (really?) they made the poor girl take her clothes of twice.  I get it, TV pilots need naked women but the intro scene wasn't enough for the writers, when she does the undercover sting operation, the gangsta dude asks her to remove her clothes to make sure she's not wearing a bug.  SURE DUDE!  Last time I tried that, I got punched in the face like the surfer dude pictured here.

Also, Jin from lost is in the show.  Daniel Dae Kim.  He's also cool and he speaks english.  It's the first time in a long time we've seen a guy speak english who was asian on tv.

Aight, here's a CBS interview of the Hawaii Five - O cast.

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