Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gushing about Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis
written by: Mr. APA

Hi all.
Can we just gush a little bit about Kina Grannis?

Kina Grannis
Wow, she's gorgeous, she can sing, she's gorgeous, umm what else do you picky guys need!  Go to her website and buy her CD now!

Buy her CD!

Alright, let's continue to gush.   Now, this picture looks very candid, I can only hope that I'll get a personal one like that from her.  Until then.. a short poem about Kina.

Oh oh Kina, (as in Kina Grannis)
you are so fina (you know like fine)
hopefully one daya (like day)
we can be togetherina (like u know together)

Kina Grannis
Not me and Kina but I wish it was

oh ok, fine poo, that wasn't a very good poem which is why i'm a blogger and not an awesome lyricist like Kina! See, aren't I smart, I used my bad poetry to my advantage.  Alright, well here's a picture of me and Kina when we dated.  ===>

Ok, fine, that's not a picture of me and Kina but we did date... yaa.. too bad my camera is busted and I can't show you so you'll have to trust me. I'm not sure who that dude is.  I'm going to beat him up though when I find out.

Alright, we'll I'll leave you with one her videos at the bottom as my personal blog exit music.  She may have written this song about me but most likely she didn't.

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