Thursday, September 30, 2010

KevJumba Amazing Race Review


written by: Mr. APA

KevJumbaFor those of you who don't know, KevJumba is on the freaking AMAZING RACE this season.  The first episode just showed and it's cool to see KevJumba with real people.

They don't show KevJumba enough on the show, my guess is that is because he's Asian and doesn't get too far on the race.  I'm also thinking, with all the running around, KevJumba is too busy trying to win and not be funny.

Hopefully he calms down and gets to make more jokes.  I want KevJumba to have a ton of face time.
Amazing Race Volleyball players
I hope KevJumba makes out with both of them.

Actually, this whole review is a lie, did you guys see those hot volleyballers?  DAAAMN.

If you didn't, here's a picture.

If I was Kev Jumba, I would be focusing on these two girls instead of the race because they are fiiiiinnneeeeeeeeeee.

I hope you enjoyed this review about how KevJumba should make out with white girls.

That is all.  Below is a link related to this article.  He reviews the first episode. haha.

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