Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thanks for the kind posts!

written by: Mr. APA

After doing a whole post about a negative comment, I just thought I'd post some of my favorite nicest comments!  Here we go!  First off, another reason to love Arden Cho, she not only retweeted our first article, she replied to us on Twitter!

And now for other nice comments that have been sent to us.

I'm not sure what the last one (bbongguy) said but I think it says:
"Oh man, you guys are so awesome!  I am a friend of some very pretty Korean ladies and I would love to introduce you"
I can't wait to meet them bbongguy!!

Some of you guys even had some suggestions for us. 

I checked out the link and all I got was a virus!  Allofuin!  You should make sure your IphoneApp website works!  See, here at AsianAmericanTV, we're always looking out for ya!

 And finally, thanks to Jennifer for her nice well thought out comment.  "Great blog!"  Yes I agree, it is a pretty great blog. HAHA.  Love you too Jennifer!

So that's it for today guys, keep sending us nice words and maybe one day you'll be on this too!  I promise we've got tons of great articles coming out next week and thanks for sticking with us.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mr. APA replies to Viewer Mail! Meet - "ARTHUR"

Arden Cho
 (Today we're replying to a comment someone left on an article we posted earlier.  Arden Article   The beginning here is full of jokes but if you want the real response, look all the way at the last paragraph.  We at AsianAmericanTV believe that it is only through debate that we can find the real truth.  So here we go...

written by: Mr. APA

Arthur saw our article about Arden, perhaps when she retweeted it and got very angry at us. I want to know that Asian American TV isn't scared to hide behind the things we say but if you're going to accuse us of something, at least get it right. First off, here's Arthur's comment that he wrote on the Arden article.

Arden Cho

I'm almost sure Lionel's going to want to get his chance to reply too but I couldn't resist.  First off, you called Lionel another love sick loner behind a laptop who fakes knowledge of the entertainment industry.  Please get your insults right, he uses a DESKTOP.

Arden Cho

Without going into details of who I am other than that I have a thorough knowledge of the entertainment industry,  I'll let you know that we are well aware that Arden auditions for her roles and you know what happens when she gets them?  THEY OFFER HER THE ROLE.

Here's an example, 
     Casting agent: Hi, may I speak to Arden please?
     Arden Cho:  Sure, this is she.
     Casting agent: Hi, we loved your audition and would like to OFFER YOU the role of ....

And I'm not sure about you, I don't have to sing for my supper, I pay for it with cash.  If I was aware that one could simply "sing for his supper", I would do it because that would be much kinder to my wallet.  (See what I did there?  I used SARCASM, have you ever heard of it?  Sarcasm is big tool on this blog because it's funny to say things with a certain level of subtext and humor)  Now you can see that there is a lot of SARCASM on this post.  At the end, when we list all the different "slutty" roles she could play, we were being funny, obviously you missed the joke and for that.  Did you see how we used sarcasm when describing the CSI scene with the John Woo jokes?  See,  we weren't actually suggesting that CSI do a John Woo scene, we were being sarcastic again.  I sincerely apologize that you missed it.  Some of your friends might have made some sarcastic jokes at you, they weren't being mean, they were just playing around, you may want to apologize to them as well.

Is this picture OK, Arthur?
Finally!  DID YOU READ THE DAMN ARTICLE?  This article was about how a beautiful and talented actress like Arden is STUCK getting these roles.   We never attacked Arden, we said, why can't a talented actress like this get real roles!  It's not her fault, it's Hollywood's fault that they can't see her as anything more than an Asian Streotype.  We're asking for change, poor Arden is stuck getting these roles because it's all that Hollywood can see her as!  Arden Cho can play a role like Megan Fox in Transformers or Scarlett Johanssen in Iron Man 2 but sadly, Hollywood can't see her as more than an exotic piece of meat (hence our intro picture=subtext) and puts her in roles where she has to be the hot Asian girl where she has to play the streotypes because that's all Hollywood will let her do.  We love Arden, we our great supporters of her and we just wish that someone as talented and gorgeous as her would get a real chance and not be forced to be a ethnic stereotype.  She gets these roles because she's one of the best young Asian female actresses out there.  If these are the best jobs that Hollywood can offer her, we're in a lot of trouble.  HENCE THE ARTICLE.  So next time, instead of making fun of us for "rubbing one out" to her reel, how about you get your hand way from your penis, stop staring at the pictures in the Arden articles and actually reading them for once.

With love,
                      Mr. APA 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Asian Things as a Crutch for Hipster-dom

Travie McCoy

Written by: Unfiltered

I'm not sure if I have words that adequately describe this atrocity.

Let's see how many stereotypical things about Asian people and culture we can throw in a single video:

+ Seafood
+ Chicken
+ Rice hat
+ Kung fu
+ Sword dancing
+ Fan dancing
+ Attractive Asian females
+ Flexible Asian females
+ Paper lanterns
+ Chopsticks (in the guy's hair of all places)
+ Dragon costume
+ Chinatown

Travie McCoy
Yup, I don't see anything racist about this picture

Holy shit, I wouldn't be caught dead with chopsticks in my hair, why would this clown? The sad thing is, this isn't the first time some hipster non-Asians have incorporated Zhong Guo or Zhong Guo Ren into their music videos.

Who is Dyana Liu?

Dyana Liu
written by: Lionel

Just saw an article about a new show on the Cartoon Network called “Tower Prep.” Teenagers with special powers find themselves trapped in a boarding school. It sounds like a poor man’s X-Men: First Class. Marvel called! They want their concept back!

Dyana Liu
Damn!  Forget Dyana!  Give me the white girl!

What caught my eye about this series is that there is a girl named Dyana Liu in it. I know she is only decent looking, but this girl stands out because she has brains. I checked her IMDB page, and it says that she graduated from UPenn with a degree in Economics and is a classical pianist. Not bad, not bad at all, baby.

The annoying part of her IMDB profile is that she lists herself as the descendant of the Han Dynasty emperor, Liu Bang. Are you kidding me? Who the fuck cares? That guy ruled in 256 BC. How the fuck would you know you’re his descendent? You can trace your lineage that far back, Dyana? I guess you didn’t think anyone would call you out about it and just take your word for it. I am calling you out right now. Prove it! Or get your agent or publicist to change your profile.

Anyways, I am rooting for you and your show. Best of luck!

Monday, October 25, 2010

FM Week in REVIEW. (part 7)

written by: Mr. APA

(this is the 7th article we've written for Far East Movement week)

Nobody wanted to learn Chinese
So that's it.  The week is over.  What a great week it was, we looked at their success, we looked at how they got there, we looked at some early FM footage, we took an indepth look at Kev Nish and DJ Virman and finally, we declared why we need FM.

FM is an important part of our community, in a sense, they are our first pioneer into the Mainstream.  What do I mean by that, when we look back at JIN, we see that JIN made it, in part, because he was Chinese.  Watching a Chinese kid beat 7 black people on Freestyle Friday broke stereotypes and intrigued a nation.  It got him a deal, but a big part of his early success was because he was Chinese and he wasn't afraid to hide it.  Look at his first video, it was called "Learn Chinese."

 Jin has gone on to a wonderful career in Asia so I'm not, by any means, calling him a failure.  He laid the roots for the future and we have all benefited from it.  However, what has made Far East Movement a true success is the fact that NONE of THEIR MUSIC is about them being Asian!  This wasn't an Asian pride album, it was just great music.  FM said it themselves that people are surprised to see that they are Asian when they show up to shows.

Far East Movement
Unlike FM, Fifty probably owns a G6
What does that mean?  Great music is colorless and stands on it's own two feet.  A lot of Asian Blogs will pull the race card (well deserved) but I am not too proud to say when RACE card doesn't need to brought up.  So in that, I say, congrats to FM on your early success and I know we covered you because we're an APA blog but I hope, somewhere else out there, someone did a whole week of articles on you because you were great musicians first, not because you were Asian.

I'd like to leave you with some proof that FM is our first Mainstream pioneer, with the brand new Like a G6 remix featuring FIFTY CENT.  That's right, even Fifty wants to fly like a G6.  Thank you everybody for joining us.  It's been an honor sharing our opinions of FM with you.

Download: Far East Movement feat. 50 Cent – Like A G6 (Remix) | Mediafire

Oh and before we forget, SPECIAL thanks to DJ VIRMAN of FM for Retweeting our article.  I guess the rumor is true, his penis is 14 inches long.

Asian American Badasses: The 442nd Infantry Regiment

"Go for broke"
Written by: Unfiltered

Asian Americans been changing the cultural landscape of America through the internet. Maybe we can help overcome the largely negative portrayal of Asian males and masculinity in the mainstream by focusing on real Asian-American badasses. These days it feels like we've been relegated to having natively-born actors here in the states being forced to learn their original language for some TV show like Heroes or Lost.

We'll start with a collective group of badasses, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team largely comprised of second-generation "Nisei" Japanese Americans during WWII.

You can read the details of their exploits on Wikipedia. The short of it is, during the Internment of their families and friends, Japanese Americans were willing to lay their lives on the line in combat to prove their loyalty to the United States, and had the combat awards to prove it:

- 8 Presidental Unit Citations
- 21 Medals of Honor
- 52 Distinguished Service Crosses
- 1 Distinguished Service Medal
- 560 Silver Stars
- 22 Legion of Merit Medals
- 15 Soldier's Medals
- 4000 Bronze Stars
- 9,486 Purple Hearts

One particular instance I want to call attention to, the story of Senator Daniel Inouye: His right arm got blown off while he was clutching a grenade, so he used his left hand to pry the grenade out of his still-clenched fist and killed the enemy that had been shooting at him. Let's see that in the next WWII-themed Call of Duty game!

Today the 442nd as a whole has been deactivated, but the 100th Infantry Battalion of the 442nd RCT, nicknamed the "Purple Heart Battalion" lives on as the only infantry unit in the entire Army Reserve. It's largely comprised of soldiers from Hawaii, Samoa, Guam, and our other Pacific island possessions. I had a two week stay in Ft Lewis, WA where I had the privilege of meeting a student and cadre members from the 100th, the student was a squared-away Samoan-American and went on to make the honor grad list. Coincidentally, there were more Asian soldiers that I saw over the two weeks of the Warrior Leader Course, than at both basic training and AIT, I guess we make for good NCO candidates? Unfortunately, he forgot some of the words to his battalion fight song so he had to relearn it and sing it for the instructors from his unit. I hadn't heard it before so I took the liberty of looking it up on Youtube:

"Four-Forty-Second Infantry— We're the boys of Hawai'i nei— We'll fight for you And the Red, White and Blue, And go to the front... And back to Honolulu-lulu. Fighting for dear old Uncle Sam Go for broke! HOOAH! We don't give a damn! We'll round up the Huns At the point of our guns, And vict'ry will be ours! GO FOR BROKE! FOUR-FOUR-TWO! GO FOR BROKE! FOUR-FOUR-TWO! And vict'ry will be ours!"

If you see a soldier sporting that patch (and it may be a rare occasion), recognize that he's wearing an important piece of Asian American history on his sleeve.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why We Need Far East Movement(in a non-gay way)

Far East Movement
written by: Lionel

Thanks to all the followers of AsianAmericanTV for making FM week so successful. We hope you have been enjoying our FM coverage.

Besides letting our followers and fans of FM get to know the group, we wanted to explain why we are pushing for FM. The love for their music and the respect for their hard work should be more than enough for us to support them; yet, it is more imperative that we support them because it will help further the presence of Asian Americans in all forms of entertainment. It may not seem like it, but it is important time for Asian Americans to get more media exposure to become mainstreamed and not seem so foreign. FM is a step forward in that regard especially in the music industry.

Kev Nish

FM, as great as they are, is not going to be the end all or be all because that doesn’t exist. But they are an Asian American group who is helping to pave the way for others in our community. Aspiring Asian American musicians should look at them and realize success and popularity can happen in spite of their race. That is the great thing about entertainment because people will embrace great art, music, television or film regardless whom is behind it. But we do need the pioneers to lead the way so that our own community can see the possibilities. We have to have more of us are saying, “How are we going to make it?"  Instead of the belief that we can't make it. 

Other minority groups have had to deal with same problems when it comes to being accepted and valued in the mainstream. Early African American music was hijacked by people like Elvis and Bill Haley because mainstream America found it easier to accept white musicians over black ones. However that bias and racism was overcome because good music superseded race. Through the mutual appreciation of music, whites and blacks were able to come together. That just goes to show how powerful music can be, and the role it plays in our lives.

The bigger picture is that media and entertainment shape the minds of society for good and bad. Many times the way Asians are portrayed have been out of our hands. We couldn’t take control and ownership in the way we were represented because not enough of us were a part of the entertainment industry especially in positions of power. Being stereotyped as a minority group has been accepted for far too long, and it is vital we take responsibility for fighting those stereotypes. That is why for us at AsianAmericanTV we promote and support our fellow artists whether it is music, literature, television or film. It is time we start defining ourselves as opposed to being defined by others.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ladies Love Kev Nish, maybe it's the SHADES (Fm week part 5)

written by: Mr. APA

(AsianAmericanTV is doing a whole week on the Far East Movement "movement" haha see what I did there, this is our 5th piece. check out our previous articles below or on the right)

Kev Nish is a sexy sexy man.  DJ Virman may have the 14 inch penis but any google search of Kev Nish will show endless pictures of Kev Nish with women professing their love for him.

Kev Nish "fellowshipping" with some fly church honeys
Kev keepin' it real at the club!
Whether the boy is at the club or at church, girls be all over him.  He can't keep them off of him.  What are his secrets, well, look at the church picture, my boy is rocking the horizontal striped shirt with a grey jacket and he got TWO girls.  See, men, fashion tells us not to wear horizontal shirts because it makes us look fatter but Kev Nish don't go to worry about that, the boy is in shape and his bold choice of red stripes and blue shirt impressed two ladies, one of whom seems to be in some sorority.

Another night, Kev Nish once again rocks the horizontal lines in a sweater showing his true fashion forward hipness because those sweaters are still hot now and this pic looks old.  This girl with a tight green vest and big hoop ear rings seems to be very impressed with Kev Nish's hipness, here's hoping he hooked up with that one!

But then, Kev Nish wasn't done there, something changed and him and the rest of FM started putting on SUNGLASSES!  Suddenly, realized Kev Nish he had discovered the true secret to being awesome which gave him access to a whole new set of women.
Kev's got two VERY FINE LADIES with him.
Kev even found a hot white girl in a Utility Room
     As soon as Kev put on the shades, the ladies got even hotter.  (I'm not saying the girls before aren't hot, cuz they are and I'd sure hit it, but c'mon guys, look) Kev Nish with shades is getting VERY VERY VERY fine women.  And then what happen after?  As soon as FM got shades, they hit number one.  Now is this some Asian thing with us hiding our chinky eyes?  I really hope it isn't but we can't help but all say, those FM guys do look super cool with shades on.

Perhaps the shades helped them put them over the top.  Let's compare two photos.
No shades
Ok, yeah, I think the data shows us the facts, forget the music, it's all about the Shades.  Stop practicing your music everybody, all you need is cool shades.  Haha (if only it was that easy)  Perhaps these are magical shades that helped store all the hardwork FM has done in the past five years so they could finally have the success they've earned!  Damn man, I'm going to get myself a pair so I can get some hot white women too.  Here's a video below of Kev Nish with and without shades, you judge for yourself, did his rapping get better when he put the shades on?  I think it did. See ya all tomorrow!

Far East Movement Week - DJ VIRMAN, the missing piece?

DJ Virman is the one with eyes
written by: Mr. APA

(It's Far East Movement Week on AsianAmericanTV, this is the fourth article, check below for the earlier ones)

     I've been lucky enough to have watched Far East Movement grow from a simple beat and rap group to the techno pop rap sound it is today.  After years of searching, they've finally found a truely unique sound for everybody.  When I first saw the Like a G6 video, I was wondering one thing, who the hell is this fourth guy?  Who was the lucky bastard to show up just in time for FM's coming out party!
Well everybody, that man is DJ VIRMAN.

FM let Virman (left) join but kept the girls for themselves
     Now I have to take back my statement about DJ VIRMAN joining the party just in time because who knows really what happened.  Somewhere along the line, FM just figured out their sound and DJ VIRMAN was present at that time.  Did he help inspire the rest of the group towards a new direction.  Did adding somebody who really knew how to rock a crowd add to their music to make it even more crowd pleasing?  All of these things are possible but something that Mr. Virman must brought to the table must have really impressed them if he let them join an already active Rap Group. Ultimately, we'll never know if DJ Virman was the missing piece that pushed FM all the way to the top but we know that he's an important part of that group and has contributed heavily to their success.

Now I'll post some fun facts about DJ Virman:
- He's actually the third DJ in his family (his other two brothers are very well known as well though they're probably a little jealous of him
- In a truely Asian sense, DJ Virman has a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Management that he got after he had already suceeded in the DJ game
- Virman is a combination of his mother and father's name (Manuel and Virgina)

- He has a 14 inch penis (even if this rumor is not true, I'm pretty sure Mr. Virman isn't going to deny it's validity)

If we don't know anything about DJ Virman, we at least know he's a fun guy.  Check out this little gem of a video I found on Youtube.  (I was originally going to show him doing a video game mix but you can just google that yourself)  Also, this video is further proof of his 14 inch penis because only a man with that much confidence would walk into a hotel room full of hot girls in a towel.  I'm sure one of them joined him in the shower and can confirm my rumor.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Far East Movement: A Triumph of Diligence

Far East Movement
written by: Lionel

(AsianAmericanTV is doing a full week of feature articles on FM, this is part 3!)

I dug up an older article about Far East Movement from December of last year. It provided some interesting history about the group before they got big. It is nice to see a group of Asian musicians make it into the mainstream in spite their race. The article details the struggle these guys had to go through. It is clear that their love for music and their fans is what ultimately made them successful.

Things I found interesting:

Far East Movement
This pic is old school, it looks like they're out for recess
-Before they were called Far East Movement, they used the name Emcee’s Anonymous to draw attention to their music instead of their race.

-In their earlier performances, they had people throwing fruit at them and people making slant eyes.

-They had spokesman spots for Verizon Wireless and McDonald’s.

-The money they made from doing the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift soundtrack went into their first music video.  I heard they banged each and every one of the chicks.  Be jealous.  Check out the video below.

-If you were an early FM fan, then you knew the group started with Nish, Prohgress and Spliff. DJ Virman didn’t join the group until 2007.

-FM produced Jin’s “ABC Jin” album.

If there is a lesson to be learned from FM, it is that having a passion and love for whatever you do in life will get you far. These guys have shown that they worked hard before the fame and still continue to do so.

Now it is up to us to support guys like FM and others in our community. Buy their album for yourself, brothers, sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends and enemies(FM’s music is so good it will help to bring peace). Furthermore, pirating their music is not allowed or you will be ostracized from our community. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Far East Movement Week Article 2! A Look at the PAST!!

written by: Mr. APA

Instead of the R he wears a CROSS now, good for him.
It's  Far East Movement week on Asian American TV (please check the links on the right for the rest of FM week), yesterday we talked about their new tour and hope Kev Nish would hook up with La Roux but today,  we're going to go way back.  Do you guys remember Jin?
There he is, well, way back when, JIN was the King of Asian Hip Hop, in actuality, he was the only guy with any main stream success in Asian Hip Hop after kicking major ass on FreeStyle Friday.  Jin became the first Asian MC to be signed to a major record label (Ruff Ryders) which meant he would get music videos, albums, work with big producers, and everything.

Jin and FM living it up!
Well as we all know, that didn't completely work out the way we hoped it would and Jin ended up moving to Hong Kong to become a big star and then became a Christian Asian Rapper in a place where Christianity is illegal.  But I digress, anyways now that you know Jin, I'm going to show you an early video of Jin that he shot with Far East Movement!  That's right, when Jin was shooting his second video for Senorita, he took sometime out of his lunch break to shoot ANOTHER video with a very young Far East Movement.  It's almost four years ago and you can see all the FM guys just look a tiny bit different (and there's only three of them, we'll do a story on the fourth guy sometime).  It's just interesting to watch this video because we all know now, FM has achieved far more than Jin did in the mainstream yet at this point, FM was just a bunch of dreamers with no idea that four years from now, they'd be on top of the world.    The video below is just a super awesome time capsule for all of us.

Pretty cool huh!  Now you see how much the FM style has changed since then.  The FM we see today is nothing like the FM we see here.  FM found their own unique style that propelled them to success so I guess what I'm saying is this, for all of you upcoming artists with big dreams, never give up, keep working and maybe you'll get lucky, film a MV with FM in their trailer and then four years later, be an even huger success than them.  (in a good way not a "I hope FM fails" way).  FM wasn't stubborn in choosing their style, they took time to develop a style and as we can all here now, they've found a truely unique style and thus have given a gift to all of us in the world.  FM looked at what audiences liked, and created a style they knew we would enjoy.  They didn't stay stubborn and say, "hey you, like our music" they look at the styles that existed, built on it and said "hey you, trust me, you'll like this" and to our Asian Brothers at Far East Movement, yes, thank you very much, we do like it!


written by: Mr. APA

It's Far East Movement week on Asian American TV to celebrate their success and keep the promoting going!   So we're going to help spread the word of their tour!  It's a short one but it's with sweet artist LA ROUX!!  Here's a pic of her.
La Roux
Four Guys, one white girl, I like these odds

   Now this girl is pretty fine and she's crazy artistic so I'm hoping that at LEAST ONE OF THE Far East Movement guys will want to hit it.  Hopefully she is impressed by their beats and one of them does get to hit it because then they can make some excellent music together.

Don't you guys think, well, I think it so I really hope it happens, they will make beautiful musical children too that can challenge Jay Z and Beyonce's super talented kids.

La Roux Far East Movement
Not La Roux but one day, maybe
See, look at the pic to our right, let's imagine La Roux's face next to Kev Nish and we can see how awesome it will look.  I personally think Kev Nish has got the best chance anyway.  Wait, I hope La Roux is not a lesbian.  That will really mess things up.

Here are the tour dates:

11/7 Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
11/9  Philadelphia, PA -  Trocadero
11/10 Washington, DC 0 9:30 Club
11/15 Boston, MA – House Of Blues
11/17 New York, NY – Terminal 5

So GO TO THE SHOWS!!  Here's a video of what it might look like.  It's a concert with Far East Movement and La Roux. HAHA!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Like a G6 #1 on BILLBOARD!

Like a G6
written by: Mr. APA

Special congrats to our brothers at FAR EAST MOVEMENT for being NUMBER ONE!!  Go buy their ALBUM TMRW IN STORES!

DO NOT FRAKIN DOWNLOAD IT.  WHEN will the next time come for you to support our Asian Brothers.  If you have dreams of your sons, daughters, friends, brothers, sisters, parents about becoming something other than a Doctor, Banker, or Lawyer, GO BUY THIS ALBUM and support a dream come true.

Far East Movement is here to stay.  Go support them!

Here's a random interview of them that I did not do.  Actually, I'm the dorky white guy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So I guess the Democrats aren't the only group that's Asian-mongering!

written by: Unfiltered

Does Christine O'Donnell know something about China that you don't?

Basically she said that she had access to classified information that China is planning to invade the U.S. Said information bears suspicious similarities to a stalled Hollywood remake... perhaps the new Red Dawn is prophetic!

Red Dawn

Coincidentally, two of the contributors to this blog had roles as background extras in that production. Unfortunately, the majority of the extras and main cast playing Chinese soldiers weren't even Chinese! Will Yun Lee, a Korean-American actor visible towards the lower left hand corner of the picture, plays the main antagonist of the film, Major Lo.

Perhaps the staff here can find reliable employment inflating anti-Chinese sentiment and passing it off to politicians playing the "fear China" card!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Arden Cho deserves all her success because before Teen Wolf --

written by: Lionel

[update: judging from the comments below, many of you don't understand SATIRE. This is what this article is so please don't go Suey Park on us though if you can't tell this is satire since you clearly think the Onion is a real website. We are so happy that Arden is on Teen Wolf and kicking butt] [also, not sure if she's ever read this -- Hi Arden! Thanks for being a good sport!]

There is no doubt that Arden Cho is beautiful.  She is trying to make it into the entertainment industry where her beauty will be fully valued and utilized.  Yet even her beauty won’t allow her to get away from the Asian stereotypes that follow her.  I watched her reel and noticed some disturbing things.  In her most dramatic and longest scenes, she plays a slutty girl who is a disgrace to her family and will sometimes resort to committing suicide.  There are three scenes that stood out in my mind.

The first one is from CSI:NY where the cops are investigating a shooting death.  Arden is playing the skanky daughter who has a black boyfriend.  Her dad discovers her sleeping with her boyfriend in the family apartment.  He takes out a gun and tries to shoot the boyfriend for having premarital sex with his daughter.  I am guessing that being black also didn’t help the situation, but it is never verbally stated, yet the implication is there.  Do you really have to make the Asian dad go overboard by trying to shoot the boyfriend?  If they really needed to, then they could have included some John Woo-style action in there.  The dad could be diving to his left with two guns firing multiple shots in slow motion.  Then change the camera angle to be from the dad’s POV where in slow motion the boyfriend is dodging and running from the bullets that are ripping up the apartment wall.  Finally he goes for a daring escape by jumping out the window onto the fire escape where disturbed white doves fly into the air. 

The next clip takes place in a hotel room where Arden is in a towel fresh from a shower.  She puts a gun to her head and threatens to kill herself.  Really?  Either get an uglier girl to play the role who should want to kill herself or give Arden something realistic to deal with such as an eating disorder.

The last one is a confrontation between Arden’s character and her mother.  The mother feels disgraced by the actions of the daughter.  I don’t know the details, but Arden’s character again threatens to kill herself.

Do you see my point?  I hope Arden can move away from these roles soon.  Obviously it is Hollywood’s problem that it can only see Asians in certain roles and can’t seem to move away from it.  They make our cultures seem so oppressive that our beautiful girls have to resort to killing themselves or having to date outside of their own race. 

I understand that Hollywood is supposed to be make believe, but I think that it is overkill when you look at what roles are being offered to a hottie like Arden.  She could have easily played the characters that Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, or Scarlett Johansson have been.   Alright, maybe not Scarlett’s roles because even though Arden's boobs are a nice size, Scarlett's are much larger.  Regardless, there is very little hope for other aspiring Asian actresses when a girl like Arden is having such a hard time avoiding being typecast. 

Believe me when I say that Arden is a talented actress who can play something else other than the slutty daughter.  She can be the slutty reporter, the slutty policewoman, or the slutty prostitute who doesn’t charge extra for anal.  When will Hollywood become less narrow minded? 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Asian Girl from Social Network: Brenda Song

Brenda Song
written by: Mr. APA

So this past weekend, arguably the best movie of our generation came out.  It was called the Social Network.  That's right the FACEBOOK movie was awesome.  Anybody who tells you otherwise is an idiot.  Seriously, go watch it.  Another reason to go watch it is for Brenda Song who plays Eduardo's crazy asian girlfriend.  Now as sad as I was to see a beautiful Asian Girl making out with nerdy jewish guy, I was pleased  to see that at least they kept her asian.

Brenda Song is smokin and she's crazy too and plays a major part in one of the best scenes in the film.  I won't spoil it for you.

Alright, so I'm not going to go copy and paste Brenda's wikipedia for you but she's apparently been in a bunch of shows for kids, oh wait, oh man, how old is she.  YOU BETTER BE 18 cuz I don't want this blog putting me in PRISON!

Brenda Song
Seriously Brenda?  THIS GUY!??!?
Aight, well that's enough.  I was going to link you to her FB page but it's just a fan page, I'm sure her real page is hidden and she's blocked me/ wouldn't accept my friend request.  C'mon Brenda! I just want to be FRIENDS and perhaps see how crazy you REALLY ARE!  oh man, now you're adding me.  oh man, I hope you're at least 18.  Someone please comment and confirm this.  Alright, I'll leave you with a interview some other asian blog did with her so you can pretend I did it.

Crazy Asian Girl Destroys PS3

written by: Unfiltered

"There's your fucking playstation whenever you get a fucking job and pay the goddamn fucking bills!"

Damn girl! All that trouble and destroying a $400 electronic device! Your FIRST problem was dating a loser white guy! I know right, you didn't see that coming but here's the deal: us Asian males might have our mommy complexes/issues, but when it boils down to it at least we can get jobs to pay the bills, and we pay attention! Holla!