Monday, October 4, 2010

Arden Cho deserves all her success because before Teen Wolf --

written by: Lionel

[update: judging from the comments below, many of you don't understand SATIRE. This is what this article is so please don't go Suey Park on us though if you can't tell this is satire since you clearly think the Onion is a real website. We are so happy that Arden is on Teen Wolf and kicking butt] [also, not sure if she's ever read this -- Hi Arden! Thanks for being a good sport!]

There is no doubt that Arden Cho is beautiful.  She is trying to make it into the entertainment industry where her beauty will be fully valued and utilized.  Yet even her beauty won’t allow her to get away from the Asian stereotypes that follow her.  I watched her reel and noticed some disturbing things.  In her most dramatic and longest scenes, she plays a slutty girl who is a disgrace to her family and will sometimes resort to committing suicide.  There are three scenes that stood out in my mind.

The first one is from CSI:NY where the cops are investigating a shooting death.  Arden is playing the skanky daughter who has a black boyfriend.  Her dad discovers her sleeping with her boyfriend in the family apartment.  He takes out a gun and tries to shoot the boyfriend for having premarital sex with his daughter.  I am guessing that being black also didn’t help the situation, but it is never verbally stated, yet the implication is there.  Do you really have to make the Asian dad go overboard by trying to shoot the boyfriend?  If they really needed to, then they could have included some John Woo-style action in there.  The dad could be diving to his left with two guns firing multiple shots in slow motion.  Then change the camera angle to be from the dad’s POV where in slow motion the boyfriend is dodging and running from the bullets that are ripping up the apartment wall.  Finally he goes for a daring escape by jumping out the window onto the fire escape where disturbed white doves fly into the air. 

The next clip takes place in a hotel room where Arden is in a towel fresh from a shower.  She puts a gun to her head and threatens to kill herself.  Really?  Either get an uglier girl to play the role who should want to kill herself or give Arden something realistic to deal with such as an eating disorder.

The last one is a confrontation between Arden’s character and her mother.  The mother feels disgraced by the actions of the daughter.  I don’t know the details, but Arden’s character again threatens to kill herself.

Do you see my point?  I hope Arden can move away from these roles soon.  Obviously it is Hollywood’s problem that it can only see Asians in certain roles and can’t seem to move away from it.  They make our cultures seem so oppressive that our beautiful girls have to resort to killing themselves or having to date outside of their own race. 

I understand that Hollywood is supposed to be make believe, but I think that it is overkill when you look at what roles are being offered to a hottie like Arden.  She could have easily played the characters that Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, or Scarlett Johansson have been.   Alright, maybe not Scarlett’s roles because even though Arden's boobs are a nice size, Scarlett's are much larger.  Regardless, there is very little hope for other aspiring Asian actresses when a girl like Arden is having such a hard time avoiding being typecast. 

Believe me when I say that Arden is a talented actress who can play something else other than the slutty daughter.  She can be the slutty reporter, the slutty policewoman, or the slutty prostitute who doesn’t charge extra for anal.  When will Hollywood become less narrow minded? 


  1. Wow... um... that's kind of rude. Did you even do any research on Arden (besides her reel) before you went spouting off your mouth? Or maybe you're just another love sick loner on a laptop pretending to have some sort of knowledge about the entertainment industry. Arden blogs many times a week about how she goes to these things called "auditions". What this means is that most Hollywood studios are not OFFERING her these gigs she has appeared in. No, in fact most of the time it seems Arden has to sing for her supper just like everyone else. I am by no means shadowing or putting down Arden's talent she is on her way to becoming a great actress, as she still has much of her career ahead of her. In fact it's her ability to play these roles that gives her much more spunk, poise and depth as an actress. Sure she could slap on a bikini and smile pretty (as you've wasted no time finding that particular photo to headline your article). I think what you fail to realize is that more often than not Arden took those roles knowing full well what she was doing, and you know what? She killed it. So don't compare her to a pretty face who's shallower than a shower. Why not take some time to discover who this bright and talented young lady is before you decide to rub out another one to her reel. Time to grow up Lionel, no one is impressed.

  2. Hey arthur, we replied to your comment on the front page. check it out.

  3. Please... the only roles Arden can play are the crying and screaming in Korean roles and her Korean sounds bad too. If she did all that in English, it would sound pretty corny as shit. She's not that talented of an actress. I'm sure her dad paid to get her those roles just like he paid the judges to make her a "miss korea chicago winner". I'm not a hater, I'm just stating the facts. If only you knew the "real" Arden. The "real" Arden is a narcissistic bitch who puts up a Jesus front and blows cock in the closet. If you don't know, you better ask somebody.

  4. you bastards. Don't talk shit about her. Do you know how she's working her ass off day after day? Watch your mouth and appreciate. Douches.

    1. Have you noticed all her real fans are white and not asian? Because we choose not to identify ourselves with a talentless bitch.

  5. For all the people who claim to stop hating. Do you actually know her? Jasonlee215 I think we probably know each other in real life. You're right. Her Korean is not good. And yeah, she's not that talented. The real issue is that she hides behind her religion and pretends to be a victim. I almost never hear her say anything positive about anyone except the youtube guys she collaborates with who honestly just want to be with her. If you're not on team Arden Cho you will see a very different and dark side to Arden. I have a girlfriend, and she smarter and more beautiful than Arden could ever hope to be.

  6. @Jasonlee

    How are you stating the facts? How do you know her dad paid for her roles? If her dad's so rich, how come she lives in a dumpy little apartment with no TV? Ask who?

    When does she pretend to be a victim? What do you mean she doesn't say anything positive?

    I just recently found out about her, but I'm just curious as to how you guys know so much about her. I mean, I can't say anything because I've only met her once, and she seemed genuinely nice. But, if you guys know for a FACT that there's a different side of her, please do enlighten us because from my end, what you guys seem to be spewing out are just personal insults with no real backing or evidence.. ENLIGHTEN US

  7. Wow, just came to this blog. Looks like there are a lot of haters out there. I must say though, if Arden Cho get's angry at this, then she's not cut out for hollywood. She needs to suck it up. Major stars out there probably get it worse than she does with a thousand times more nasty comments. She needs to grow some thick skin. Look at Rebecca Black! Over 100 million views on you tube and nasty comments. She's not phased one bit, went on Jay Leno and gave it her best with a smile and positive attitude. Arden needs to stop crying and asking everyone to love her.

    Also on a final note: I must agree with some of the type casted comments the blogger was stating. If you look at the Asian American and Asian actors out there who have made it in Hollywood and are getting jobs on a consistent basis, they had to prove themselves to Hollywood that they are more than just type casting individuals. Look at the skill set the actors have. To name a few, Yunjin Kim (Lost) she can actually speak Korean fluently although she was raised in NY and went to Julliard. Her annunciation is perfect. She is a trained fighter, and a skill dancer in multiple different genres. Maggie Q (Nikita, The Priest, Live Free or Die Hard) she was a stunt woman first and through that has obtained many different skills in action, not to mention has a lighter side where she has a great deal of knowledge of Wine and is very cultured. She is also multilingual where her speaking the languages is believable.

    Others like BD Wong (Law and Order SVU), Ken Watanabe (Last Samurai, Letters to Iwa Jima), Tamlyn Tomita (Karate Kid II, JAG, The Chicago Code, and Law and Order Los Angeles), and finally of course the very first Korean American actor in Hollywood, Phillip Ahn who first featued in his very first film in 1934.

    If you look at these individuals and see why they are so successful is because they have a long resume and that shows the producers as well as casting directors that they have a very high skill set which sets them apart from the rest. They knew you have to be more than good, you have to be more than great, you have to be amazing! I've been in the Entertainment industry for about 10+ years now and I can honestly say Arden has a long road ahead of her. She's a long shot for her and her acting skills as well as other skills are mediocre at best. She needs to step it up.

    There's also one last comment I would like to make. Many casting directors and producers all hang out and have lunch. Hollywood is a small town and many talk about the next up and coming star, especially minorities. Arden Cho was mentioned once when people came together and the vibe she gives off seems like she's stuck up, a diva who is not even a star yet type of feeling many receive when they meet her. Humility needs to be the key and this is what producers as well as casting directors are looking for. You can be the biggest star in the world, but if you have a bad attitude or give off this really bad vibe, hollywood can let you go. (I.e. Charlie Sheen, "Losing!!!")

  8. never know her...... she nice looking that all, her acting is below the line

  9. I can't believe some of the negative comments on this post. I just recently started reading this blog but I haven't seen comments this hateful on any other post.

    She is an attractive woman and isn't it a good thing for all Asian Americans if she's successful? I'm not saying that she's perfect-- her acting needs refinement. Isn't this natural for a relatively young actress?

    I admit that maybe like some of the above commenters, I'm not as big of a fan of hers as I used to be. Part of her appeal to me at the beginning of her career was that I saw her at many regional Christian youth events. I thought she'd be a great role model for young Asian girls if she made it big in the US. A few months ago, though, I started noticing that she was claiming to be only 22 years old. Anyone who has been her fan for years (as I had been) knows that she is 25. This is the only place I could find with her real birthdate clearly written, but ask anyone who went to high school or college with her and it's very clear:

    I was really taken aback that she'd lie about her age and height because I had previously thought of her as a strong Christian and as someone who was the way god made her. In any case, the negative commentary on this promising actress is unfounded. She's trying to do her best in a very superficial, discouraging world. Let's try to support our fellow Asian Americans instead of bringing them down!

  10. I'm pretty sure 90% of the American population do not know who she is.

    Compare ARDEN with ZHANG ZIYI. Why is Zhang ziyi more famous than Arden? Obviously Arden lacks the emotional substance in acting. I'm pretty sure she will only play small roles, sadly.

  11. @DAVID

    WTF? What about the Chinese actors/actress??? You forgot Zhang ziyi, gong li, Jet li, jackie chan, Chow Yang fat, Michelle Yeoh, Stephen Chow..,etc!!! They are the people that paved the way to other Asian celebs trying to make it in hollywood.

    When ask who are her acting influences are ARDEN CHO responded (get this) "nicole kidman, julieat robers.," O__O are you kidding me??? she should have said ZHANG ZIYI, GONG LI. THEY ARE THE ASIAN ACTRESSES SHE SHOULD LOOK UP TO.

    Anyway, she has a LONG way to go before going on the big screen. JUST MY OPPINION.

  12. LOL@arthur. apparently, this one needs to learn how to READ FIRST BEFORE COMMENTING.

    might i suggest GET A BRAIN?

  13. umm. missjinghu. no one knows zhang ziyi. and im saying this cuz im always tuned into whats going on in the entertainment world. dont say bs like so and so should be looking up to so and so. you may think so, but the rest of us dont. and i understand that its your opinion, but seriously... dont.

  14. @ Nicole,

    You may keep up with the Entertainment World, but you don't know it. Zhang YiYi is very famous and many people know her because of her role in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, not to mention Memoirs of a Geisha. Missjinghu is right on the money when she says that Arden does lack emotional substance. Honestly, it's pretty much over for Arden and it's really sad that she's lying about her age. She'll never make it in Hollywood and now it's time for her to move on to another career.

  15. Hey I got a say in this to everyone. Instead of bagging on a girl who may not have the acting skills you should give her credited for trying. You see I half if not most of you can be on stage or a scene and even attempt what she is trying to do. She may not have the skills for acting and it may not come to her anytime soon but she's still a young lady and she still has a lot of time to figure what she may be good at. And true she's not known like Jennifer Aniston or Sandra Bullock but she is definitely putting an effort and is trying to make something work and if it doesn't then she can go for another thing but don't putdown someone you really don't know personally. People act different on scene, backstage and out of the acting world. So instead of bagging on her get to know her personally face to face and see how she's like in person.

  16. You should be ashamed of the title you used for this article. Think of how she would feel if she came upon this.She works her butt off, and this is how her "fans" repay her? Pathetic. It's ACTING. CSI NY is a huge show. You should be proud that she made it on such a show instead of hating on it. When you start off, you don't choose your roles. Keep up the good work Arden! You are very talented and will make it big I'm sure!

  17. Also, nothing in that reel was obscene and disgraceful.

  18. This girl is beautiful. I was initially attracted to her because I thought she was a model and she worked in the commercial department. I didn't know she was an actress until recently actually.

    I don't know if all those other rumors are true BUT I just hope she stops posting those damn youtube videos... Its fine for her to post her vlogs but to sell herself as an actress by part-taking in comedy skits is just wince-worthy and pathetic. She may be "doing it for fun" (more like having fun with men and their attention), but it just proves that she's not going to make it in pursuing this career.

    I wish the best for her, but this so called "risk" that she's taking to "connect with her fans on youtube" is just hilarious. There is no risk if there is no chance. There are certain aspects that you have to maintain as an actress and one of them is being selective in the roles you take on - whether that be big or small.

    It's about maintaining yourself as a blank canvas to the audience as Cannes award winning actress Jeon Do Yeon says. She even mentioned that part of why she never got involved in the commercial industry as frequently as other actresses is because she wanted to maintain that poise and elegance as a actress. She sticks by to her job title. That's respectable.

    No way she's working her ass off to make it in the filming industry. She's just selling herself and her pretty face on Youtube, using it as a "tool" to get herself noticed. All previous respect lost. Frankly, I also think that her acting is below the line.

    And you can definitely see that she knows she is beautiful and pretty (which is true) behind all the humble act of "i struggle everyday" when she's making those foxy, smug expressions when she's singing.

    Another thing, she should stop masking everything she says with her religion and Christianity. It's horrible!! And i don't think she knows the meaning of God's miracle either.... a miracle is an un-explainable phenomenon. She repeatedly says that Jeremy Lin was "miraculous" and a "God's miracle" in a vlog she posted not so long ago. JEREMY LIN WORKED HIS ASS OFF UNLIKE ARDEN CHO.

    She's just feeding off the glory of being a Youtube star-actress. Why do you think you're the only one Arden? You're not original. You're the stupid outlier.

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  20. Hey there, I came across this article incidentally and I was just wondering (as a media student), since this was written two/three years ago, has there been any noticeable changes at all in Hollywood? Has there been any instances where there has been roles written for minorities that acknowledge them as Americans, minus the stereotype?

    Thanks for the read, it was an interesting article. (The responses were more interesting tbh) Lol And sorry the sarcasm wasn't understood.