Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Asian Things as a Crutch for Hipster-dom

Travie McCoy

Written by: Unfiltered

I'm not sure if I have words that adequately describe this atrocity.

Let's see how many stereotypical things about Asian people and culture we can throw in a single video:

+ Seafood
+ Chicken
+ Rice hat
+ Kung fu
+ Sword dancing
+ Fan dancing
+ Attractive Asian females
+ Flexible Asian females
+ Paper lanterns
+ Chopsticks (in the guy's hair of all places)
+ Dragon costume
+ Chinatown

Travie McCoy
Yup, I don't see anything racist about this picture

Holy shit, I wouldn't be caught dead with chopsticks in my hair, why would this clown? The sad thing is, this isn't the first time some hipster non-Asians have incorporated Zhong Guo or Zhong Guo Ren into their music videos.

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  1. I freaken love Travie. Everyone's getting all freaked out about this but I find it criminally amusing. I really don't care at all.