Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Far East Movement: A Triumph of Diligence

Far East Movement
written by: Lionel

(AsianAmericanTV is doing a full week of feature articles on FM, this is part 3!)

I dug up an older article about Far East Movement from December of last year. It provided some interesting history about the group before they got big. It is nice to see a group of Asian musicians make it into the mainstream in spite their race. The article details the struggle these guys had to go through. It is clear that their love for music and their fans is what ultimately made them successful.

Things I found interesting:

Far East Movement
This pic is old school, it looks like they're out for recess
-Before they were called Far East Movement, they used the name Emcee’s Anonymous to draw attention to their music instead of their race.

-In their earlier performances, they had people throwing fruit at them and people making slant eyes.

-They had spokesman spots for Verizon Wireless and McDonald’s.

-The money they made from doing the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift soundtrack went into their first music video.  I heard they banged each and every one of the chicks.  Be jealous.  Check out the video below.

-If you were an early FM fan, then you knew the group started with Nish, Prohgress and Spliff. DJ Virman didn’t join the group until 2007.

-FM produced Jin’s “ABC Jin” album.

If there is a lesson to be learned from FM, it is that having a passion and love for whatever you do in life will get you far. These guys have shown that they worked hard before the fame and still continue to do so.

Now it is up to us to support guys like FM and others in our community. Buy their album for yourself, brothers, sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends and enemies(FM’s music is so good it will help to bring peace). Furthermore, pirating their music is not allowed or you will be ostracized from our community. Thanks!

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