Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Far East Movement Week Article 2! A Look at the PAST!!

written by: Mr. APA

Instead of the R he wears a CROSS now, good for him.
It's  Far East Movement week on Asian American TV (please check the links on the right for the rest of FM week), yesterday we talked about their new tour and hope Kev Nish would hook up with La Roux but today,  we're going to go way back.  Do you guys remember Jin?
There he is, well, way back when, JIN was the King of Asian Hip Hop, in actuality, he was the only guy with any main stream success in Asian Hip Hop after kicking major ass on FreeStyle Friday.  Jin became the first Asian MC to be signed to a major record label (Ruff Ryders) which meant he would get music videos, albums, work with big producers, and everything.

Jin and FM living it up!
Well as we all know, that didn't completely work out the way we hoped it would and Jin ended up moving to Hong Kong to become a big star and then became a Christian Asian Rapper in a place where Christianity is illegal.  But I digress, anyways now that you know Jin, I'm going to show you an early video of Jin that he shot with Far East Movement!  That's right, when Jin was shooting his second video for Senorita, he took sometime out of his lunch break to shoot ANOTHER video with a very young Far East Movement.  It's almost four years ago and you can see all the FM guys just look a tiny bit different (and there's only three of them, we'll do a story on the fourth guy sometime).  It's just interesting to watch this video because we all know now, FM has achieved far more than Jin did in the mainstream yet at this point, FM was just a bunch of dreamers with no idea that four years from now, they'd be on top of the world.    The video below is just a super awesome time capsule for all of us.

Pretty cool huh!  Now you see how much the FM style has changed since then.  The FM we see today is nothing like the FM we see here.  FM found their own unique style that propelled them to success so I guess what I'm saying is this, for all of you upcoming artists with big dreams, never give up, keep working and maybe you'll get lucky, film a MV with FM in their trailer and then four years later, be an even huger success than them.  (in a good way not a "I hope FM fails" way).  FM wasn't stubborn in choosing their style, they took time to develop a style and as we can all here now, they've found a truely unique style and thus have given a gift to all of us in the world.  FM looked at what audiences liked, and created a style they knew we would enjoy.  They didn't stay stubborn and say, "hey you, like our music" they look at the styles that existed, built on it and said "hey you, trust me, you'll like this" and to our Asian Brothers at Far East Movement, yes, thank you very much, we do like it!

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