Friday, October 22, 2010

Far East Movement Week - DJ VIRMAN, the missing piece?

DJ Virman is the one with eyes
written by: Mr. APA

(It's Far East Movement Week on AsianAmericanTV, this is the fourth article, check below for the earlier ones)

     I've been lucky enough to have watched Far East Movement grow from a simple beat and rap group to the techno pop rap sound it is today.  After years of searching, they've finally found a truely unique sound for everybody.  When I first saw the Like a G6 video, I was wondering one thing, who the hell is this fourth guy?  Who was the lucky bastard to show up just in time for FM's coming out party!
Well everybody, that man is DJ VIRMAN.

FM let Virman (left) join but kept the girls for themselves
     Now I have to take back my statement about DJ VIRMAN joining the party just in time because who knows really what happened.  Somewhere along the line, FM just figured out their sound and DJ VIRMAN was present at that time.  Did he help inspire the rest of the group towards a new direction.  Did adding somebody who really knew how to rock a crowd add to their music to make it even more crowd pleasing?  All of these things are possible but something that Mr. Virman must brought to the table must have really impressed them if he let them join an already active Rap Group. Ultimately, we'll never know if DJ Virman was the missing piece that pushed FM all the way to the top but we know that he's an important part of that group and has contributed heavily to their success.

Now I'll post some fun facts about DJ Virman:
- He's actually the third DJ in his family (his other two brothers are very well known as well though they're probably a little jealous of him
- In a truely Asian sense, DJ Virman has a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Management that he got after he had already suceeded in the DJ game
- Virman is a combination of his mother and father's name (Manuel and Virgina)

- He has a 14 inch penis (even if this rumor is not true, I'm pretty sure Mr. Virman isn't going to deny it's validity)

If we don't know anything about DJ Virman, we at least know he's a fun guy.  Check out this little gem of a video I found on Youtube.  (I was originally going to show him doing a video game mix but you can just google that yourself)  Also, this video is further proof of his 14 inch penis because only a man with that much confidence would walk into a hotel room full of hot girls in a towel.  I'm sure one of them joined him in the shower and can confirm my rumor.

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