Monday, October 25, 2010

FM Week in REVIEW. (part 7)

written by: Mr. APA

(this is the 7th article we've written for Far East Movement week)

Nobody wanted to learn Chinese
So that's it.  The week is over.  What a great week it was, we looked at their success, we looked at how they got there, we looked at some early FM footage, we took an indepth look at Kev Nish and DJ Virman and finally, we declared why we need FM.

FM is an important part of our community, in a sense, they are our first pioneer into the Mainstream.  What do I mean by that, when we look back at JIN, we see that JIN made it, in part, because he was Chinese.  Watching a Chinese kid beat 7 black people on Freestyle Friday broke stereotypes and intrigued a nation.  It got him a deal, but a big part of his early success was because he was Chinese and he wasn't afraid to hide it.  Look at his first video, it was called "Learn Chinese."

 Jin has gone on to a wonderful career in Asia so I'm not, by any means, calling him a failure.  He laid the roots for the future and we have all benefited from it.  However, what has made Far East Movement a true success is the fact that NONE of THEIR MUSIC is about them being Asian!  This wasn't an Asian pride album, it was just great music.  FM said it themselves that people are surprised to see that they are Asian when they show up to shows.

Far East Movement
Unlike FM, Fifty probably owns a G6
What does that mean?  Great music is colorless and stands on it's own two feet.  A lot of Asian Blogs will pull the race card (well deserved) but I am not too proud to say when RACE card doesn't need to brought up.  So in that, I say, congrats to FM on your early success and I know we covered you because we're an APA blog but I hope, somewhere else out there, someone did a whole week of articles on you because you were great musicians first, not because you were Asian.

I'd like to leave you with some proof that FM is our first Mainstream pioneer, with the brand new Like a G6 remix featuring FIFTY CENT.  That's right, even Fifty wants to fly like a G6.  Thank you everybody for joining us.  It's been an honor sharing our opinions of FM with you.

Download: Far East Movement feat. 50 Cent – Like A G6 (Remix) | Mediafire

Oh and before we forget, SPECIAL thanks to DJ VIRMAN of FM for Retweeting our article.  I guess the rumor is true, his penis is 14 inches long.

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