Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ladies Love Kev Nish, maybe it's the SHADES (Fm week part 5)

written by: Mr. APA

(AsianAmericanTV is doing a whole week on the Far East Movement "movement" haha see what I did there, this is our 5th piece. check out our previous articles below or on the right)

Kev Nish is a sexy sexy man.  DJ Virman may have the 14 inch penis but any google search of Kev Nish will show endless pictures of Kev Nish with women professing their love for him.

Kev Nish "fellowshipping" with some fly church honeys
Kev keepin' it real at the club!
Whether the boy is at the club or at church, girls be all over him.  He can't keep them off of him.  What are his secrets, well, look at the church picture, my boy is rocking the horizontal striped shirt with a grey jacket and he got TWO girls.  See, men, fashion tells us not to wear horizontal shirts because it makes us look fatter but Kev Nish don't go to worry about that, the boy is in shape and his bold choice of red stripes and blue shirt impressed two ladies, one of whom seems to be in some sorority.

Another night, Kev Nish once again rocks the horizontal lines in a sweater showing his true fashion forward hipness because those sweaters are still hot now and this pic looks old.  This girl with a tight green vest and big hoop ear rings seems to be very impressed with Kev Nish's hipness, here's hoping he hooked up with that one!

But then, Kev Nish wasn't done there, something changed and him and the rest of FM started putting on SUNGLASSES!  Suddenly, realized Kev Nish he had discovered the true secret to being awesome which gave him access to a whole new set of women.
Kev's got two VERY FINE LADIES with him.
Kev even found a hot white girl in a Utility Room
     As soon as Kev put on the shades, the ladies got even hotter.  (I'm not saying the girls before aren't hot, cuz they are and I'd sure hit it, but c'mon guys, look) Kev Nish with shades is getting VERY VERY VERY fine women.  And then what happen after?  As soon as FM got shades, they hit number one.  Now is this some Asian thing with us hiding our chinky eyes?  I really hope it isn't but we can't help but all say, those FM guys do look super cool with shades on.

Perhaps the shades helped them put them over the top.  Let's compare two photos.
No shades
Ok, yeah, I think the data shows us the facts, forget the music, it's all about the Shades.  Stop practicing your music everybody, all you need is cool shades.  Haha (if only it was that easy)  Perhaps these are magical shades that helped store all the hardwork FM has done in the past five years so they could finally have the success they've earned!  Damn man, I'm going to get myself a pair so I can get some hot white women too.  Here's a video below of Kev Nish with and without shades, you judge for yourself, did his rapping get better when he put the shades on?  I think it did. See ya all tomorrow!


  1. loooooooooooooooooooooooollll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahaha i love this! it's funny and the sarcasm is a two thumbs up in my book...and should be in everyone else's too!

  3. Kev Nish is a sleezy player!!
    His game is to fly girls to LA for a 'first date'... aka fuck her and chuck her...

    Happened to a girlfriend of mine he picked up while in Calgary with LMFAO. She was the stupid one to go thou. Good for Nich I guess.

    1. @LMFAO i GUESS SHE #shrugs F*cked The Man (?) = AOL SN: FTM

  4. @VerveEnergyShot's got a FETISH for JELL☉‼ (via @fareastmovement feat. @RyeRye)