Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mr. APA replies to Viewer Mail! Meet - "ARTHUR"

Arden Cho
 (Today we're replying to a comment someone left on an article we posted earlier.  Arden Article   The beginning here is full of jokes but if you want the real response, look all the way at the last paragraph.  We at AsianAmericanTV believe that it is only through debate that we can find the real truth.  So here we go...

written by: Mr. APA

Arthur saw our article about Arden, perhaps when she retweeted it and got very angry at us. I want to know that Asian American TV isn't scared to hide behind the things we say but if you're going to accuse us of something, at least get it right. First off, here's Arthur's comment that he wrote on the Arden article.

Arden Cho

I'm almost sure Lionel's going to want to get his chance to reply too but I couldn't resist.  First off, you called Lionel another love sick loner behind a laptop who fakes knowledge of the entertainment industry.  Please get your insults right, he uses a DESKTOP.

Arden Cho

Without going into details of who I am other than that I have a thorough knowledge of the entertainment industry,  I'll let you know that we are well aware that Arden auditions for her roles and you know what happens when she gets them?  THEY OFFER HER THE ROLE.

Here's an example, 
     Casting agent: Hi, may I speak to Arden please?
     Arden Cho:  Sure, this is she.
     Casting agent: Hi, we loved your audition and would like to OFFER YOU the role of ....

And I'm not sure about you, I don't have to sing for my supper, I pay for it with cash.  If I was aware that one could simply "sing for his supper", I would do it because that would be much kinder to my wallet.  (See what I did there?  I used SARCASM, have you ever heard of it?  Sarcasm is big tool on this blog because it's funny to say things with a certain level of subtext and humor)  Now you can see that there is a lot of SARCASM on this post.  At the end, when we list all the different "slutty" roles she could play, we were being funny, obviously you missed the joke and for that.  Did you see how we used sarcasm when describing the CSI scene with the John Woo jokes?  See,  we weren't actually suggesting that CSI do a John Woo scene, we were being sarcastic again.  I sincerely apologize that you missed it.  Some of your friends might have made some sarcastic jokes at you, they weren't being mean, they were just playing around, you may want to apologize to them as well.

Is this picture OK, Arthur?
Finally!  DID YOU READ THE DAMN ARTICLE?  This article was about how a beautiful and talented actress like Arden is STUCK getting these roles.   We never attacked Arden, we said, why can't a talented actress like this get real roles!  It's not her fault, it's Hollywood's fault that they can't see her as anything more than an Asian Streotype.  We're asking for change, poor Arden is stuck getting these roles because it's all that Hollywood can see her as!  Arden Cho can play a role like Megan Fox in Transformers or Scarlett Johanssen in Iron Man 2 but sadly, Hollywood can't see her as more than an exotic piece of meat (hence our intro picture=subtext) and puts her in roles where she has to be the hot Asian girl where she has to play the streotypes because that's all Hollywood will let her do.  We love Arden, we our great supporters of her and we just wish that someone as talented and gorgeous as her would get a real chance and not be forced to be a ethnic stereotype.  She gets these roles because she's one of the best young Asian female actresses out there.  If these are the best jobs that Hollywood can offer her, we're in a lot of trouble.  HENCE THE ARTICLE.  So next time, instead of making fun of us for "rubbing one out" to her reel, how about you get your hand way from your penis, stop staring at the pictures in the Arden articles and actually reading them for once.

With love,
                      Mr. APA 


  1. I see beautiful smart talented Korean women every day. Maybe they will be given a chance. That photo of her is a joke right?

  2. Lord have mercy. You do not know how many times I GASPED at that response. GREAT COUNTERATTACK! :)

  3. "Please get your insults right, he uses a DESKTOP."

    I lol'd.