Sunday, October 10, 2010

So I guess the Democrats aren't the only group that's Asian-mongering!

written by: Unfiltered

Does Christine O'Donnell know something about China that you don't?

Basically she said that she had access to classified information that China is planning to invade the U.S. Said information bears suspicious similarities to a stalled Hollywood remake... perhaps the new Red Dawn is prophetic!

Red Dawn

Coincidentally, two of the contributors to this blog had roles as background extras in that production. Unfortunately, the majority of the extras and main cast playing Chinese soldiers weren't even Chinese! Will Yun Lee, a Korean-American actor visible towards the lower left hand corner of the picture, plays the main antagonist of the film, Major Lo.

Perhaps the staff here can find reliable employment inflating anti-Chinese sentiment and passing it off to politicians playing the "fear China" card!

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