Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thanks for the kind posts!

written by: Mr. APA

After doing a whole post about a negative comment, I just thought I'd post some of my favorite nicest comments!  Here we go!  First off, another reason to love Arden Cho, she not only retweeted our first article, she replied to us on Twitter!

And now for other nice comments that have been sent to us.

I'm not sure what the last one (bbongguy) said but I think it says:
"Oh man, you guys are so awesome!  I am a friend of some very pretty Korean ladies and I would love to introduce you"
I can't wait to meet them bbongguy!!

Some of you guys even had some suggestions for us. 

I checked out the link and all I got was a virus!  Allofuin!  You should make sure your IphoneApp website works!  See, here at AsianAmericanTV, we're always looking out for ya!

 And finally, thanks to Jennifer for her nice well thought out comment.  "Great blog!"  Yes I agree, it is a pretty great blog. HAHA.  Love you too Jennifer!

So that's it for today guys, keep sending us nice words and maybe one day you'll be on this too!  I promise we've got tons of great articles coming out next week and thanks for sticking with us.

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