Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who is Dyana Liu?

Dyana Liu
written by: Lionel

Just saw an article about a new show on the Cartoon Network called “Tower Prep.” Teenagers with special powers find themselves trapped in a boarding school. It sounds like a poor man’s X-Men: First Class. Marvel called! They want their concept back!

Dyana Liu
Damn!  Forget Dyana!  Give me the white girl!

What caught my eye about this series is that there is a girl named Dyana Liu in it. I know she is only decent looking, but this girl stands out because she has brains. I checked her IMDB page, and it says that she graduated from UPenn with a degree in Economics and is a classical pianist. Not bad, not bad at all, baby.

The annoying part of her IMDB profile is that she lists herself as the descendant of the Han Dynasty emperor, Liu Bang. Are you kidding me? Who the fuck cares? That guy ruled in 256 BC. How the fuck would you know you’re his descendent? You can trace your lineage that far back, Dyana? I guess you didn’t think anyone would call you out about it and just take your word for it. I am calling you out right now. Prove it! Or get your agent or publicist to change your profile.

Anyways, I am rooting for you and your show. Best of luck!

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