Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why We Need Far East Movement(in a non-gay way)

Far East Movement
written by: Lionel

Thanks to all the followers of AsianAmericanTV for making FM week so successful. We hope you have been enjoying our FM coverage.

Besides letting our followers and fans of FM get to know the group, we wanted to explain why we are pushing for FM. The love for their music and the respect for their hard work should be more than enough for us to support them; yet, it is more imperative that we support them because it will help further the presence of Asian Americans in all forms of entertainment. It may not seem like it, but it is important time for Asian Americans to get more media exposure to become mainstreamed and not seem so foreign. FM is a step forward in that regard especially in the music industry.

Kev Nish

FM, as great as they are, is not going to be the end all or be all because that doesn’t exist. But they are an Asian American group who is helping to pave the way for others in our community. Aspiring Asian American musicians should look at them and realize success and popularity can happen in spite of their race. That is the great thing about entertainment because people will embrace great art, music, television or film regardless whom is behind it. But we do need the pioneers to lead the way so that our own community can see the possibilities. We have to have more of us are saying, “How are we going to make it?"  Instead of the belief that we can't make it. 

Other minority groups have had to deal with same problems when it comes to being accepted and valued in the mainstream. Early African American music was hijacked by people like Elvis and Bill Haley because mainstream America found it easier to accept white musicians over black ones. However that bias and racism was overcome because good music superseded race. Through the mutual appreciation of music, whites and blacks were able to come together. That just goes to show how powerful music can be, and the role it plays in our lives.

The bigger picture is that media and entertainment shape the minds of society for good and bad. Many times the way Asians are portrayed have been out of our hands. We couldn’t take control and ownership in the way we were represented because not enough of us were a part of the entertainment industry especially in positions of power. Being stereotyped as a minority group has been accepted for far too long, and it is vital we take responsibility for fighting those stereotypes. That is why for us at AsianAmericanTV we promote and support our fellow artists whether it is music, literature, television or film. It is time we start defining ourselves as opposed to being defined by others.

I like how the screen capture is of the guy sitting on the crapper.

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  1. Elvis is a thief? What genre are Far East working in dummy?