Tuesday, November 23, 2010

But I Can't Wear My Cape 'cause I would be Repeating a Mistake

Priscilla ahn
What's good?

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I figured after the last post, we need to redeem this blog with some good music. So today I want to talk about two lovely Asian-American singer-songwriters that have been under the radar for a lot of people.

Priscilla Ahn

At 26, she still conveys such a nostalgia for more innocent days in her music. I love her easy, carefree vocal delivery, and her songwriting ability is nothing to take lightly. Her music puts me at ease, and her 2008 album - A Good Day, is definitely worth checking out, especially in the fall.

Priscilla Ahn

Watch the video for one of my favorite songs:

Red Cape

There. Don't you feel so much better? The sun is coming up! Unless it's nighttime when you read this. Then the sun is NOT coming up. YOU SEE?!

Rachael Yamagata

Rachael Yamagata

Rachael was actually singing in a funk band for years before she decided to pursue a solo career. Thank God she did, because now she experiments with numerous eclectic styles, and she is able to craft infectious tunes, no matter the genre.

Rachael Yamagata

For example, her soulful delivery on 1963 really takes an already catchy ditty up to another level, and her sorrowful croons on I Wish You Love conveys perfectly the feeling of loving someone so much that you would let them go if it meant their happiness. Once she found her sound, her music really took on a life on its own.

Take a listen:


Baby you'll be on my mind till I kiss you next time.

I hope everyone is well. Have a good Thanksgiving.

j. taipei

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