Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Jubilee Project - Watch YouTube, Save the World

Jubilee Project

written by: Mr. APA

Donate to Charity, get girls, KevJumba = genius

So when is the last time you could simply sit at your computer and without any cost to you, help get money donated to a charity.


(what about the Jumbafund where KevJumba donates all the money he earns on that channel to charity?) ------>

OK FINE!  Instead of saying "NEVER" I'll say...


But this post is about the Jubilee Project so...
What is the Jubilee Project? 

Basically, the Jubilee Project makes a video, and then gets sponsors to pay TWO PENNIES for EVERY VIEW.  So if the video gets 1000 views, the sponsors pay twenty bucks.   What a great concept!  Viral videos for charity!  This is SO EASY FOR YOU, click on the video, and watch.  Damn, you don't even HAVE TO WATCH! Just click on the damn thing and help somebody.  I already clicked on it like five times since I started writing this post.  I think the Jubilee Project has like 17 sponsors (don't quote me on this) for this video so my five clicks = 17 x 5 x 2 = 1.70 cents!  That's almost two dollars... by myself!

These sponsors also only sponsor the video for ONE MONTH.  Now you'll ask, "Mr. APA,
why didn't you post about this earlier?
"  First I will say, "you are a pretentious ass" and then secondly I'll say " I purposely waited till the last week because this is a growing blog/twitter and I wanted the most amount of people POSSIBLE to see this post before the Month ended!"

Jubilee Project
She's waiting for your views and RTs
Now I won't name the Charity they are donating too because if I do, I'll ruin the video for you, but c'mon guys, we can do this, right now there are 158, 283 views, we have a WEEK to tell EVERYBODY (especially those of you going home for thanksgiving) about this cause and ALL THEY HAVE TO DO is click on the video!  Let's see if we can help them break 200,000 views before the month ends by RETWEETING RETWEETING RETWEETING!  Tell everybody and retweet this because you're helping charity and it takes you five seconds to click on the video and fifteen seconds to hit that retweet button.  Then tell the people you've retweeted to, to also retweet so we can keep this chain of charity going!  You know what?  You don't even have to retweet it, just post it on your blogs, send out the link, I don't care, just get the word out! We have one week!

In a few days, I'll do another post about the Jubilee Project like who these guys are, what inspired them, and how you can get involved but for now, let's get the word out! PASS IT ON!!

Now watch the video! TEN times and RETWEET! Thanks guys and gals! Now normally, I simply embed the videos but I want to make sure YouTube gets all our hits so click on the link/picture below!

Jubilee Project
Hey girl?  What you doing?  Want to do some charity work together?

Like I said, do what KevJumba does, help charity, get girls.

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