Monday, November 8, 2010

More viewer mail! Meet - ' Donny '

written by: Mr. APA

After doing an article on accidental racism, I followed it up with an article about why Jessica Alba should date an Asian guy.

We were greeted by a nice little message from Donny that said. 

Jessica Alba Cash Warren
Director Assistant Salary < Price of Courtside Seats
Now that's just rude, isn't it?  How are you going to attack an entire male species just because of the way they were born!  That's messed up man, telling me to get over it?  Did I attack whatever race you are?  Did I say that Jessica Alba should not get with a white/black/other race guy?  Did I discourage her from dating Cash Warren even though he is a no talent leech who won't marry her because he's scared what he's missing out on!  That's right, I said it, Cash Warren, Jessica's bf who she met when he was the assistant TO THE director on Fantastic Four thinks HE CAN DO BETTER than Jessica Alba!  I didn't bring that up at ALL.... whoops!  All I said that is she should let an Asian guy impregnate her, not take her away from all men!

But anyways, I've gone off topic.  Donny, from your little short comment, I can determine three things about you.

1) You are a purposeful racist, unlike my Ken Jeong article where I talked about the rise of accidental racism, there is nothing accidental about this, you saw a chance to make fun of Asian men and you did it.  A cruel and crushing blow to the male asian psyche everywhere.  How dare you say nobody wants to date an Asian man?  Do you know what that will do to my confidence?  Next time I  talk to a girl, I will panic because I'll remember, "OH FUCK, DONNY TOLD ME NOBODY WANTS AN ASIAN MAN'  and that will haunt me forever.  I'll have to remember that you are a purposeful racist and are so threatened by my asian sexiness, you tried to make me think that no women want to sleep with me which would make it easier for your ugly ass to get more girls.

2) You are a coward.  Who the hell goes on an Asian American blog and tells them that all Asian men are undesirable to women?  Who WRITES THAT on the Internet?  A coward I say!  A coward who walks around the city seeing successful Asian men with beautiful Asian women and thinks, damn, I will never have the brains to impress that Asian Girls parents!  I know that anger is building inside of you towards my people when you see how impressive my college degrees and resume full of large financial institutions are compared to your 9 to 5 job at a small to midsized company where you are constantly frustrated that you never pursued your true passion of whatever aristic talent you think you have.  Trust me, if you were actually good at it, you would have done it.

3) You are an asshole.  So go fuck yourself.  Literally, please go masturbate and stop being so angry and uptight.  Please release all that stress so you'll stop taking it out on Asian males.  It is obvious this was your intention anyways, you wrote on our blog at 630 am on an article about Jessica Alba, clearly, you are were up late alone trying to find a picture to whack it too when you instead found my article and instead of whacking it, you just got mad at our blog.

Harold and Kumar
they will have some beautiful children (Harold and Kumar together that is)
So I see that your entire intention was to take Asian Men out of the dating pool.  By trying to convince us that nobody wants us, you think that will take us out of the dating pool thus making it easier for you.  Why?  Because you, my friend, Donny, are threatened by us Asian Guys.  You are threatened by the fact that we never had connections to get our awesome jobs and careers so when we are put in those awesome jobs that we earned, we more than excel and take the promotion you were hoping to get which thus makes us much more desirable to all the women.

Donny, you are concerned at how good an Asian Guy is at making love to a woman.  Because as Asians, we are intellectual, we are more likely to research how to have better sex with a woman unlike your selfish ass who thinks he naturally knows how to do it.  Trust me buddy, those girls stopped having sex with you because you sucked at it.

Finally, we're not assholes like you.  Women who marry us, actually end up enjoying their life because we don't stay up late at night writing racist white things on white people blogs, we are in bed with our wife feeling sorry that guys like Donny have so much pent up racism, they have to find a third rate blog to express their feelings. haha.  Ok, fine, we're a fourth rate blog at best.

Here's a video of a white girl who decides to see what life would be like with an Asian Guy.  It was part of the Interpretations Film Festival.

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