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Steven Yeun - "The 'Asian Guy' on the Walking Dead

Asian Guy walking dead
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Asian Guy walking dead
Hello folks, it's been a while! Every Sunday night in the barracks here at Fort Dix I sit my ass down in front of the television at 10PM to watch AMC's "The Walking Dead" and you should too! The Walking Dead is based on a long-running comic book series that's just as good, if not better, than the actual show. Steven Yeun stars as Glenn, an Asian who formerly dabbled as a pizza delivery boy (wait, how many of those do I know?) and saves the protagonist of the show from getting devoured by zombies when he wanders into Atlanta alone on a horse.

Who is Steven Yeun?
From the Detroit Free Press: "The 2001 Troy High School graduate, who studied psychology at Kalamazoo College, said he was prepping to apply for graduate schools when he started thinking about his theater classes and stage experience and the encouragement he received from peers and professors to pursue a career in the arts.
Asian guy walking dead
I delivered pizzas, not orange chicken

With the support of his parents, who own two beauty supply companies in metro Detroit, (no wonder he's so good looking) Yeun left Michigan for Chicago after graduating and landed in the Second City comedy troupe, where he honed his skills and toured. In the fall of 2009, after appearing in the critically acclaimed indie film 'My Name is Steve,' Yeun set his sights on Los Angeles. Once settled in, he quickly nabbed a guest spot on CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory.'" (and not as a chinese delivery boy either)

And that's basically been his acting career so far, but how awesome is that! He didn't do the typical Asian male thing (engineer, lawyer, doctor) and was able to jump most of the typical hurdles for Asian American celebs and break out on cable TV! Shit, I went to that high school too, but now I'm in the army because I was scared that one day, a real zombie apocalypse might happen and I wanted to be ready.

What the TV show hasn't gotten into yet (only six episodes of the first season and the plot diverges from the comic) is that Glenn is kind of a playa and hooks up with a girl, I guess it takes a zombie apocalypse for an Asian guy to hook up with a white girl, will AMC follow the comic's lead? Only time will tell!  I mean, THEY BETTER!  Or I will send some Zombies after the writers.
Asian Guy walking dead
What you gonna do, date a zombie instead??? C'mon girl!
Again, watch "The Walking Dead" on AMC and support a brother!  It's rare that a TV show lets an Asian Guy just be a normal guy as opposed to him having to play some kind of asian stereotype.  Glenn is arguably one of the first characters on a tv show who's Asian who doesn't HAVE TO BE Asian.  So ya! DOUBLE SUPPORT!


  1. Dude after a few episodes, everytime he appears on screen he reminds me of Hiro Nakamura from Heroes. He's doing a great job though. Asians FTW!

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