Friday, November 12, 2010

Sucker Punch Trailer - Racist or Just Awesome

written by: Mr. APA

A lot of blogs only seem to bring up things when it's overly racist or if it pisses them off.  Here at AsianAmericanTV, sometimes I just like to look at something and think about if it is racist or if it is just awesome.  We'll call it, Video on Trial.

Today's Video on Trial is the trailer for SUCKER PUNCH.  Why should I care about a movie called Sucker Punch?  Because it's directed by the guy who made 300, that's right, the movie with all that yelling.  This director also made "The Watchmen" so if you hated that movie, you may want to stop reading.  Personally, I was at the Midnight showing for both films so I'm pretty pumped for this.  Oh wait, I'm supposed to have journalistic bias. REWRITE:  I am only slightly excited for this film.  (I'm a liar)

Alright, here goes!  Racist?  Or JUST AWESOME!

So what did you guys think?
Here is some evidence on the "racism side"

Jamie Chung
Exhibit B
Sucker Punch film
Exhibit A

The film is definitely taking the more stereotypical aspects from our culture, see this Samurai Sword.  The guy wiping it, they didn't even show his freakin face!  They are stealing our culture, the least they could do is show an ASIAN GUY in the movie but nope, the trailer is missing all Asian dudes.  This happesn again when we're at the big Asian House.  Nobody's there, not even an Asian Guy to clean up all that snow.  I think Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill) already made this movie.

Sucker Punch film
In case you didn't know they were Asian Robots, the director, Zach Snyder, put a Rice Hat on one
Now this part takes the cake, c'mon guys, look at this, it's three SAMURAI Robots, but wait, WHAT THE FUCK?  Why is the center Samurai Robot wearing a fuckin' RICE HAT!  Now that is some bullshit, the Rice Hat is not a good helmet defender.  See, the other two Samurai Robots get REAL HELMETS?  Why the fuck is the center/leader robot wearing a Rice Hat as his head protection?  Did the center robot think it was cool looking?  Is he doing it for fashion?  Since WHEN DO ROBOTS care about how they look?!?!?  FAIL!!!  I hope in the movie, the Rice Hat robot gets killed first.

ALRIGHT.   But remember, this is a TRIAL so I'll let the defense present it's case.  What makes this movie JUST AWESOME instead of Racist.

Sucker Punch robots

C'mon guys, it's got fuckin awesome SAMURAI ROBOTS!  That's freaking AWESOME!  Who cares if it's super stereotypical and perhaps racist, I forgive it because it's GOT HUGE SAMURAI ROBOTS!  Look at this, this girl has go to jump up Kung Fu style to avoid the huge gun to chop this huge robot in half.  That's FREAKING COOL!!  So ya, even though I called out the robots earlier, forgiveness is given because these robots are SWEET!  And also this huge super robot isn't wearing a Rice Patty HAT!

Sucker Punch

Jamie Chung Sucker Punch
I forgot what I was mad about
Looks like we got all the races represented here.  That's always a good thing.  There's a black guy opening the door for a Russian or Italian guy who's followed by a white guy... oh wait, do you see it, all the way on the right is an ASIAN GIRL!  She's hiding behind a door (idiot) but that's beside the point.  Who is this scared Asian Girl?

Well if you haven't noticed (I'm sure you did), this Asian Girls is FIIINNEEE.  She doesn't look as scared in this poster as she does in the movie but I'm sure she's just pretending to be scared so she can kill all the guys right after.  If you haven't figured it out, this girl is Jamie Chung from the Real World/Samurai Girl/Shitty Dragon Ball movie, but DAMN, she looks good here.

Now, the only silly part of this poster is that the photographer forgot to tell Jamie that she put her PANTS ON BACKWARDS, but that's OK.  I forgive the photographer, he might have been distracted by all that exploding stuff in the background. 

And that's the end of this post?  Once again, a woman has gotten in the way of what I was trying to do.  So in the end, I say that this movie isn't racist and just AWESOME.  I hope they put this in the movie commercial.

"Certified AWESOME (and not racist) - Mr. APA, AsianAmericanTV"

So what do you guys and gals think?  Leave your answer in the comment section below or on Twitter.  Is "Sucker Punch" racist?  Or just AWESOME!

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