Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ViewerMail - Your Kind Words!

written by: Mr. APA

When ever I rant about a mean reader, I can't forget to rant about our awesome readers!  So here goes!  Most of these tweets were a response to either the Jessica Alba article here and to my response to a jerk comment, see that response, here.

Let's start big with this response to Donny.

Wow, do you see this pretty white girl talking about how she ONLY DATES Asian males!  That is AWESOME.  Reading something like that makes life worth living.  And yes I agree, Donny obviously lost to some slick Asian playas and took it out on our poor little blog.  Thanks Tokyobratcammi for making my day!

I want to thank these two readers (women readers too!) for believing that I have the wit to take one a ONE LINE COMMENT that's spawned not one but two articles. Haha.  And yes, x0x0preciosa, I hope I did kill him.  This is also where I realized that a lot of our girls seem to be very pretty.  Like Tokyobratcammi is and so is xOxOpreciposa, and there's no pic of Mama but that cake looks very good so at least I know you know how to make a man happy.

Yes. ImLadyNicole! I agree, Donny is probably jealous that Asian guys are surrounded by beautiful Asian women.... (this is where I noticed ImLadyNicole's picture).... wait, what was I talking about?  I took a closer look at ImLadyNicole's twitter and discovered this...

WHAAAAAAATT!!! DDAAAAAAMMMNNNNN!!! 32op84klasfjas;lfj sa;lkdfj asd;fj as;fjasf...  Sorry, I forgot how to type for a second.  Now Ms.  ImLadyNicole of Twitter, (follow her and tell her I sent you so she likes me more) I'm not sure who or what you do (ur twitter led me to a blogtv.com account of which I discovered more awesome things) but I sure would as hell like to know... ok, now I'm not sure what I was supposed to be writing.  Who is ImLadyNicole and how do I find more awesome pictures of you... erg I mean.... Who is ImLadyNicole and how to a secure a one on one interview with you.... erg... .ok I give up, my brain has ceased to function.
Sorry, I was distracted
Ok, I forgot what I was writing so I'll just end with another tweet from more pretty girls (seriously, I should shutdown my Match.com and just use twitter to meet women).

This was referring to my comparison of Sarah Hyland and Vanessa Hudgens but another reader made another even more interesting point. (btw, thanks for the nice words Jennifer!)

Ooooh, good catch MademoiselleLy, let's see the evidence. (good thing I'm good at Google!)

 Good point MademoiselleLy, (are you from France?) Alyssa actually looks like a mix between Sarah Hyland and Vanessa Hudgens.  I could find her ethnicity but it seems like she is normal latino without any Asian in her (yet ;) There must be some factory where they make girls like this.  Where do I sign up.  Who is  Alyssa Bernal? She's a hot young singer from youtube who recently signed to Interscope Records.  In an awesome twist of Asianness, WongFu Productions directed her new video!

So I'll leave you with that.  Alyssa Bernal's cali cali video which features Phil Wang in the beginning on vacation with a hot white girl.  Love y'all!  Keep the comments coming!  Oh man, I hope I just didn't scare off everybody from sending me a nice message.

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