Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ViewerMail: Lionel FINALLY responds to 'Arthur'

[ A few weeks ago, Lionel wrote an article about Arden Cho (link) where we got a very mean comment which Mr. APA responded too (link)  Now Lionel is FINALLY responding to the comment]

written by: Lionel
Asian Gangsta
Lionel loves his mullet!
Thanks, Mr. APA, for putting out a great response to Arthur.  Very impressive.  Don’t mess with Mr APA because he will go gangster on you(in verbal or written form only).  He covered a lot of what I wanted to say.  Thanks, jerk!  Now what do I write about? 

Arthur’s attack:  I didn’t do any research on Arden except for her reel.
My defense:  Arthur, you are correct when you said I didn’t do much research about Arden.  I am not a hardcore fan of hers.  I don’t really care what she has to say or share in her Twitter or video blogs.  I didn’t and don’t pretend to have in-depth knowledge of her life.  But you obviously do.  I invite you to write an article about Arden for our blog or your blog.  You can do her the justice that I didn’t. 

Arthur’s attack:  I am “just another love sick loner on a laptop pretending to have some sort of knowledge about the entertainment industry.”
My defense:  I am not “just another love sick loner.”  I am THE love sick loner.  All the other guys are just copying me.  Get it right.  In addition, I do work in the entertainment industry so I do have knowledge of how it works.  That is why I am appalled by how things are playing out for Arden at this point.

Arden Cho
We're not even fighting over her and it's all heated.
Arthur’s attack:  I should learn who Arden is before “rub another one out to her reel.”
My defense:  I rather not find out more about her.  The more you learn about a woman, the more you look at them as more than just tits and ass.  No thanks.  That is a lesson your dad should have taught you.

Now with all the ugliness aside, there is enough hate within our community that I try not to add to it.  Maybe it is because of my good, holy Christian upbringing.  I don’t see the need to unfairly attack fellow Asians.  The key word is “unfairly.”  I think your heart was in the right place when you wrote your response, but your brain did not give you the capacity to comprehend my article.  Your enthusiasm for the defense one of our own is commendable, however, you can lay down your sword because I am not the enemy. 

Arden Cho
She's totally worth all this fuss.
The article was supposed to be humorous with serious implications behind it.  I was criticizing the Hollywood system for pigeonholing Asians to few roles and outdated stereotypes.  It is a shame that a girl as hot as Arden can’t even get around it.  Arden got it, you didn’t.  It was impressed that a beautiful girl like Arden had the intelligence and sense of humor to enjoy the article.  Beauty alone is not hard to find.  The real prize is having beauty with the brains to match it.  If worse comes to worst, then you settle for a decent-looking girl who will hold still long enough for you to stick it to her.    

More importantly, this blog is here for our community to promote and protect those within it.  Sometimes to help promote and protect our community I will be critical of those who represent us.  But this was not the case with Arden’s article.  I hope you continue to read our blog and comment because I love having this dialogue with our readers even those who are misguided.  These are opportunities for us to learn and grow from each other.

No hard feelings. 

Your Asian brother,

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  1. I can't believe you're seriously responding to a user comment with such hyperdefensive vigor. Buuuuuuuuuut okay.