Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why Jessica Alba needs to date an ASIAN GUY! (like me)

written by: Mr. APA

Now if you have followed this blog for a little while, you'll know that we are a fan of mixed couples.  Mostly Asian guys and white girls.  Now beyond just evening out the odds (trust me, there are a lot more asian girls dating white guys) there is a much better reason Asian guys need to date outside of their race.

Jessica Alba
The back of her head is ridiculously hot too
We all know that mixed kids come out super hot.  Take a look at super hottie Jessica Alba below if you need proof.  Jessica here comes from a Mexican father and a mother of french and danish descent, basically, her mom was white.

Now Jessica Alba came out DAMN hot and we should definitely promote more Mexicans impregnating white women so we can have more Jessica Alba clones but what I want to say is, there are already a lot of latino men pro- creating with white women so we are pretty much covered on that.

What made Jessica Alba hot is that the mix of the two races dominant genes produce a hotter specimen like her.  Now we know that there are already a lot of interracial kids but I feel that Asian Guys aren't really adding their mix into the gene pool!  If hot women like this are already being created without the asian guy gene, how hot could women get if asian guys started adding their dominant genes to the gene pool of mix kids as well!  This is why us Asian Guys have to get out their and start impregnating women.  Now only will women be hotter, but it will also end racism.

How will it end racism?  If everybody mixes together, we'll all look the same and nobody can really make fun of each other anymore.  No need for a twenty page thesis, I said it all in one sentence.

But now we must get to the real point on why Jessica Alba specifically needs to be impregnated by an Asian guy.  Please look at Exhibit A for proof.
Exhibit A:
Sarah Hyland 
One of these girls has a little Asian in them (it's the hotter one)
I've signed up to put some Asian inside of her
The girl on the left is Sarah Hyland, she plays the eldest daughter in the hit TV show, Modern Family.  The girl on the right is the very famous Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame.  Now notice how they both look pretty similar but Vanessa is just a little bit hotter.  Sarah Hyland is a mix of Scottish, Irish, Dutch, and Welsh, (pretty much a bunch of white people) while Vanessa Hudgens is a mix of Irish, Fillipino, Native American, and CHINESE! That's right, there is a quite a bit of Asian in Vanessa Hudgens and look how she is slightly hotter than Sarah Hyland.  Vanessa has benefited from the Asian male dominant genes that have been added to her gene pool giving her the slight edge over Sarah Hyland.

Now imagine if Jessica Alba allowed the dominant Asian Gene into HER BODY!  How hot would the kid that comes from it be?  I tried looking up a mix of an Asian, White, and Mexican but I couldn't find it.   So Ms. Jessica Alba, you have a chance to make a super hottie child the likes of the world has never seen.  PLEASE!  All you have to do is to let an Asian guy impregnate you, just one!  Here's one below... 
Jessica Alba funny
                                                  Yeah, we're doomed.

Actually, we might be ok, he's coming out of a closet (literally!) in this picture so he might be more into Taylor Lautner than Jessica.


  1. No one wants asian men. Get over it.

  2. we responded to your little message...