Friday, December 3, 2010

Operation "Help an Asian Guy get a White Girl"

Hot Volleyball player
written by: Mr. APA

Hi guys,

super short today.  Sorry, if this post feels like spam.  This white girl I am "throwing some game" at is doing some dance contest for Aldo shoes.  Usually, I wouldn't pass this on to you guys but if she wins, she's going to donate all the money to anti sex trafficking so it's a good cause because if she wins, she fights sex trafficking and it also creates a better situation for me where I won't have to pay for sex which also fights sex trafficking so really, you're fighting sex trafficking two ways.
  We have two famous Asian Pick Up Artists following us on Twitter (DrAsianRake & AsianPlayboy) so they'll probably tell me, helping this girl won't help me get some lovin', but it's ok, either way, it's for a good cause!  What do you do?  Either click on the link below and tweet out or facebook like the movie (they get more points that way) or the easiest way is to just hit play on the video below.  Thanks everybody! I'll tell you how it goes!

Direct Link to the Aldo Dance Site to Tweet Out and Facebook Like


  1. Sweet jesus, y'all are hilarious. I just read your bio page and you made me spit some of my morning tea on my new sweater. I'll send you the bill, yo.

  2. Damn asian guys have long faces, big cheeks, chinkyy eyes, greasy faces, flat noses, they look like monkeys!!! There so fkin ugly!!!!!
    Dont think that us white girls would wants you. get over yourself!you asian men are no better than sexy white men.