Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year EVERYBODY!!

Kristin Kreuk
She has nothing to do with this post
written by: Mr. APA
Happy NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!  I just wanted to wish All of you a SUPER HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope 2011 is great for all of you.  Thank you for putting up with all of our lame jokes, terrible blog schedule, and non-stop twitter promotion.
Kristin Kreuk
Yet another pointless picture of
her but nobody's complaining
  It means the world to me how many of you respond to our articles, retweet our articles, tweet responses to me, write comments on our blog, (even the haters -- man, we need to do another ViewerMail) and finally, how many of you actually READ the posts!  A blog doesn't work if nobody's reading it!  I have been overwhelmed by the response in what is still a very young blog.  The highlight of the year will have to be our "Agents of Secret Stuff" review when over 6000 of you downloaded the post in the first 24 hours. (the 2nd greatest moment would be every tweet I got from Arden personally)

I thank you guys so much, we have big plans this year and the blog is just the beginning.  In 2011, we hope to focus on continuing to giving you thoughtful and "hopefully funny" articles and not just bombarding you with random news like we did at the beginning.  You are all busy people and I don't want to waste y'alls time.  Sound good? 

 Finally,  I want you all to know, I remember every person who's tweeted me a personal message or commented on our blog, it means the world to me when I  hear from y'all.  :)  HAPPY 2011!!!!  Lots of and lots of fun to be had and people to be made fun of.  :)


  1. Who is in this photo, if you don't mind me asking? Is she the actress from Smallville?

  2. Yup, it's her. haha. she's our default photo for everything.