Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Taliban To Be Sodomized by Gay American Soldiers"

Don't Ask Don't Tell
Lionel presents his opinion on the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy.

The humor that Lionel was going for - just more homophobic
(Editor's note: When Lionel first sent me this article, I was definitely a little taken back, Lionel has an interesting ways of writing things and he really went for it. If you're a fan of Stephen Colbert, you will love this post, Stephen often takes a very "right wing" look at an issue to show just how crazy it is. However, knowing how many stupid people there are on the Internet, I decided to hold this article back until The Military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Policy was repealed as I didn't want to negatively effect that decision AT ALL (I know, we are just a little blog but I take what we put out very seriously even though it's mainly rants about White Guys and Asian Girls), and now that "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" has been repealed,  I give you, something you'll remember. And remember, if you hate Stephen Colbert, DO NOT READ THIS - IT'S VERY OFFENSIVE)
Lt Dan Choi
They keep using this ugly picture of him.
written by: Lionel
Dan Choi, a Korean-American, is a former lieutenant who was kicked out of the US Army for coming out of the closet.  Now, he is fighting the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy by re-enlisting.  It is sad that a relatively progressive country like ours is still kicking out gays from the military.  This is one issue where I am side with the homosexuals as long as they don’t go for my tasty backside.  Why shouldn’t they be allowed to fight for their country?  They should be allowed to kill Muslims just like any straight American man. 

Lt Dan Choi
When he's actually not that bad looking -- no homo.

In fact, I want to have gays in our military just to scare our enemies like Osama Bin Laden.  Let them think and worry about what might happen if gay American soldiers captured them?  Gay molestation?  Gay fisting?  Gay rape?  Gay gangbang?  Obviously this is what the idiots who are against “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” thing will happen in the army if they let gays openly serve so why wouldn’t the Taliban think the same?  Who knows what other creative ways our gays can come up with to torture our enemies?  That would put the fear of Allah in me if I were Muslim.  I am not saying our gays do those things, but I wouldn’t be against it.  It is another way that we can practice psychological warfare against the Taliban.  Now that I think about it, I would just plant stories that gay American soldiers are raping Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq just to scare the shit out of them.

Stupid Reason #28 - Gay Tanks Don't Camouflage Well

Furthermore, I applaud the gays (especially Lt. Dan Choi) for serving because I sure as hell don’t want to.  I don’t know if people realize this, but some soldiers get injured or die fighting for our country.  No thanks!  Send the gays instead. 

Furthermore, I applaud the gays (especially Lt. Dan Choi) for serving because I sure as hell don’t want to.  I don’t know if people realize this, but some soldiers get injured or die fighting for our country.  No thanks!  Send the gays instead.

Don't Ask Don't Tell
FYI:  The arrow was added later, gay people
don't actuallyhave the ability to shoot out lasers
or they'd be much more useful to the US army.
There needs to be more of a “Put up or shut up” mentality in our country where if you don’t want someone else to do something, then you do it.   I would like a law where people who are against gays in the military need to either enlist or enlist their child.  There should be something similar for those who are against abortions too.  If you don’t want a woman to have an abortion, then you must adopt the child she gives birth to.  Or you can let her have an abortion and shut up about it already.  If you are in the military or have a child in the military, then you can fight against having gays in the military because you have a stake in it.  The same applies with those people who have adopted children and are against abortions.  Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stay out of issues that don’t directly affect you.

Hopefully the day will come soon when you gays will get what you want: To be armed with a rifle and a dildo to fight global terrorism.

(Editor's note: This was written over 2 months ago, congratulations to our American Soldiers who can now openly serve and especially to Dan Choi, a Korean American who led a revolution -- we at AsianAmericanTV thank you for your sacrifice and as well as doing something most of us wouldn't want to do -- one of our writers is actually in active service right now -- but he's not gay, just single. )

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