Thursday, February 17, 2011

K-Town - ASIAN JERSEY SHORE to Premiere on the E! Network!!!!

Asian Jersey Shore
written by: Mr. APA

I was at the San Francisco Asian American film festival this past weekend and was meeting with a lot of cool people when somebody (i don't want to get him in trouble so he will remain as an unnamed source) let it slip that the Korea Town show is going to be on the E Network! (see, this is why I have to remain anonymous or people won't slip like this)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The MakeUp Gurus - More than Just "Pretty Asian Girls"


written by: Mr. APA 

So when I brought it up in our last meeting that I wanted to write about the make up gurus.  My editor was less than pleased.  Here's what happened.

Editor: "Wait wait wait wait, you want to write an article about the Make Up Gurus?  How can you! You're our best writer "  (He may or may not have said the last part)

Editor: Are you sure you're just not trying to get people to read your posts because you filled it with pictures of pretty Asian girls? 

And that's why I wrote this.  Last week, I was watching one of the Bravo dating shows and they had this grimey white dude telling the matchmaker (the matchmaker  girls for him) that he wants Asian Girls cuz they're pretty and know who's boss.  WHAT THE FUCK! Who SAYS DAT SHIT!