Thursday, February 17, 2011

K-Town - ASIAN JERSEY SHORE to Premiere on the E! Network!!!!

Asian Jersey Shore
written by: Mr. APA

I was at the San Francisco Asian American film festival this past weekend and was meeting with a lot of cool people when somebody (i don't want to get him in trouble so he will remain as an unnamed source) let it slip that the Korea Town show is going to be on the E Network! (see, this is why I have to remain anonymous or people won't slip like this)
  For those of you who don't know,  K-Town is pretty much Jersey Shore but with Asian People.  They couldn't get anyone to make it so they shot the whole thing themself and luickly, someone bought it.  Also, I think Tyrese exec produced it so it HAS to be good. [/end sarcasm]

Keeping Up With The Kardashians
I smell a cross over episode where the Kardashians visit K-Town
Yes, the same network that plays "crap" like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the million spin offs of the lovely ladies from the Playboy show Girls Next Door will be boldly featuring our Korea Town heroes!

I can't wait!
[insert sarcasm]

But yes, there it goes, a call was not made to E to confirm because I don't care.  But yes! There it is! Unconfirmed report that K-Town will be on the E Network, let's hope I'm right or I will lose all journalistic credibility and will no longer be able to write about make up gurus and Arden Cho.

Now let's see how many bad K-town jokes I can make with this one picture in the caption section.

Asian Jersey Shore
1) They are so drunk they don't realize they're not in the club
2) They got kicked out not because of a no-shirt policy, but because of a no douchebag policy
3) This is actually 2pm, the flash just makes it seem like night
4) I think that girl in black is touching herself (not a joke, i got distracted)
5) It's JERSEY SHORE but with Asians (oh wait...)
6) Raise your hand if you have herpes!
7) The guy on the left kept his shirt on, way to not be a team player
8) How come the girls don't take their shirts off?
9) In season 2, the guys walk around pant-less
10) I really think that girl is touching herself

Here is the real reason I'm scared about the Asian Jersey Shore, I don't want to promote idiotic activity like the video below. Haha.  I prefer the Asians are smart stereotype over Asians are fake "black people" spouting the "n-word" to pretend "to be hard"  But maybe I'm old fashioned.  But remember, if the show is actually on E!  You heard it here first!


  1. I wouldn't be caught dead at that party..

  2. yoyo that is so gangstaaaaaaaaa

  3. ugh... finally there is a show featuring Asians and they chose to behave idiotically. just wonderful. There needs to be an Asian sitcom like how there's George Lopez and Tyler Perry...

  4. Carthage must be destroyed....

  5. This will be good. America needs to be introduced to the un-ignorable, assertive, and charismatic Asian. I'm sick of Ken Jeong and Bobby Lee yellowface. Stereotypes must be crushed--and if the wrecking ball that does it is one of trash, so be it.

  6. I also prefer the "Asians are smart" stereotype, but I'm happy to see any Asian American representation in the mainstream media. I hope that most viewers will understand that the actions of a few young people do not represent the values of the cultural groups they belong to.