Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - A Movement Different From the Rest

written by: Mr. APA

Hi everybody, sorry it’s been a while.   This really isn’t an Asian American topic, I just felt like blogging.  Life has been good guys, been super busy in LA.  One day this blog/twitter will return in some form.  Thanks everybody who’ still reading.  I just felt like blogging tonight.  I honestly do miss you guys as readers and the small community that this was creating, I was simply too busy these days to work on this blog/twitter.

There’s a lot of talk about Occupy Wall Street and how it’s a useless and aimless movement.  The big question has been, “what do you guys really want?”  And that’s our problem, we’ve been looking at Occupy Wall Street like we have other movements – we compare it to what happened in Egypt – Iran – other countries where they were upset with who was in power and wanted that leader out.  It’s not that simple in America, can I challenge you that it’s probably harder to take down Wall Street and it’s fellow 1%ers who control (35% of this country’s wealth) than it is to take down Gadafi? Or Mubarak.  Why is that?  Because it hasn’t happened yet.

Occupy Wall Street isn’t a protest.  In its simplest form -- it is a movement born out of desperation -- not injustice.  I very sure that 90% of the OCCUPY Wall STREET protestors did not leave their job so they could already protest, my belief is that they were already probably unemployed.

The Occupy Wall Street protestors are desperate.  They’re living in a country that’s no longer taking care of them, that won’t give them healthcare, that has no jobs for them, and basically has nothing to offer.  So they have two options, stay at home or come together and do something.

And do something is what they’re doing.    They’re desperate.  Occupy Wall Street is a cry for help.  Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have demands because they don’t know what to ask for.  They don’t know how to make the economy more equal, they’re not economists, they don’t have charts and a solution to our problem.  But they do know one thing, this country’s wealth distribution is only getting more inequitable and 99% of this country will get poorer and poorer and lose more and more power.

Occupy Wall Street is simply saying one thing:  what’s going on right now, it can’t keep going, it has to stop.  Somebody, please do something because we don’t know how to stop it and we know it’s only getting worse.

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